Wireless Charging iPhone 6 Review

Wireless Charging iPhone 6 Review

– Have you been looking fora wireless charging system for your iPhone? In this video I'm gonna bedoing a quick review of the MAG-Charging system byPowerGo-Go coming up.

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Now let's get into the review.

Now I've been trying outthe MAG-Charging system for a few days, and it'ssuper sleek, super cool, and I think it's actuallythe first magnetic charging ecosystem for iPhones.

So let's do a quick breakdownof the overall system, ecosystem, piece by piece.

First of all you've gotthe MAG charging case.

And this right here is wherethe magnet is and where the connections are made.

This is a super solid, super sleek case.

First and foremost you'll notice that it's built kind of like thenot-as-intense OtterBox, my wife uses on of those,and so it's very durable and you can be confident that your phone's gonna be protected.

The case is shock resistant,it's super easy to use, and take on and off.

And so you can see thethunderbolt connection, power connection rightthere, slides in so that it can do the magneticcharging I imagine in here.

And secondly is the chargingcable and if you were to have the most basic setup, you could just get the charging cable and the case,and these two work together.

This cable is a littleover three feet long, and it interfaces reallywith everything as a bundle.

So not only the case but also to charge up the power bank, which we'lltalk about in a second.

And the lat thing that'sabsolutely crazy about this set up is that thisworks for data sync.

When you have the case,and you plus this into your computer or yourlaptop, through magnets, you can not just charge your phone but also do data sync as you would if you plugged directlyinto the thunderbolt.

Next in the bundle is the charging cradle.

This is perfect forbedside, in your bedroom, or in my case I likehaving it in my office.

And again it works also with magnets.

You can go on there, you cando different orientations.

If you wanna go eitherlandscape or vertical.

And one of the cool thingson here is the lights that you'll notice when it's charging, it'll give you a blue,letting you know that it's charging as wellas, course your phone will let you know, andthen when it's not on there it kinda flashes a white color which is in a dark room is also kindaletting you know where it is.

The next item in the bundleis the car charger set.

This is great construction,you can loosen and arrange the positioning of themagnet and then you can tighten it back down, that's really nice.

Super strong suction cup, pops on and off, but with a ton of strength there.

This works in the magnet system as well, and this is super powerful.

What's nice about thisis that for the strength of the magnet, all ofthe magnets are strong, but this one is greatas far as really holding the phone on there.

You can easily take it off, but the magnet is super strong.

And then this also givesyou a 360 degree ability to do your GPS, watch yourphone, landscape mode, or vertical as well.

And then the USB connectionthat comes with this is dual so you can notjust have your PowerGo-Go always ready to charge butyou can also have that second slot for whatever else youneed to charge with USB.

And then lastly is the power bank, and power banks are superessential these days just to be able to chargeanywhere and everywhere, wherever you go, so youcan keep this in your bag.

The sun is setting I'mgonna turn some lights on.

And then lastly is the power bank.

And this is a super light,super sleek and thin power bank.

And then what's supercool about it besides the sleek design is thatit's entirely wireless and so you can charge your phone atany time throughout the day buy just putting it on the magnet and syncing it up to your phone.

And it also comes with a coin slot and so if you want to movie watch or whatever, you can throw the power bank on there, get your charge going, andthen also have a way to keep your phone upright.

Now all of these itemscome separately but you can get them all together in the bundle.

And what's cool is thatit really is an ecosystem.

So if you use your batterypack throughout the whole day and you've got yourphone, you can stack both and then charge both withthe cable that night, or you could also juststack them up on your charging cradle as well as a stack.

Charge up your battery pack and your phone and then boom, you're off the next day, leave this in your bagand you've got it all ready to go.

So overall just as it looks,the entire MAG-Charging system is super sleek,great design, sexy overall, but it's also extremely practical and is a very well integratedecosystem of products that just flow seamlessly together.

So PowerGo-Go just recentlylaunched this entire line, and right now the chargingcases are available for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, but coming soon at least what I read on their website is that iPhone 5s aregonna have cases soon, and iPhone 6 Pluses as well.

So one big question ishow efficient is this charging system through magnets? I haven't done any scientific testing, but over the last few days of using it, I've noticed that the charge times are completely comparableto if you would've just plugged in a regular charging cable.

And so I'm super pleased with the results.

So as far as cost goes the entire bundle is $200 and is available rightnow at the powergogo website, and that comes with a one year warranty.

And on the siteeverything's also available not in a bundle, it's ordered separately.

One of the things I'm looking forward to is when the iPhone 6 Plus case comes out because that's my wife's Soni's case, and then boom, she willbe able to integrate with my magnetic ecosystem.

So in conclusion if you're looking for a super cool, cutting edge,wireless charging system, definitely check outthe MAG-Charging system from PowerGo-Go.

Question of the day: have you tried out any wireless charging solutions and do you think they're the future? What are your thoughts? I'd love to connect with youin the YouTube comments below.

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