Urban Armor Gear for iPhone 6 & 6S Review

Urban Armor Gear for iPhone 6 & 6S Review

What does a successful case manufacturer dowhen a new iPhone launches and it still fits in the existing cases? They launch new colors.

This is the new UAG case for iPhone 6 and 6S in Cobalt blue.

The other two colors arered and gray and both feature this shiny transparent finish.

UAG was kind enough to send me thiscase for review and in this review we'll touch on what's different in the transparent casesversus the solid colors and also highlight why this is still my top recommendation fora slim but tough iPhone case.

With the transparent material you can easilysee the S badge on the iPhone 6S and it also makes it easier to see the Apple logo if that'simportant to you.

The most noticeable difference in this version of the case is the glossyfinish.

Even after only using this case a few days I already have picked up severalscratches with really light use.

The solid color version is my daily driver and althoughit's seen a lot of abuse you can barely see any scratches on it.

On the solid color casethe screws provide a way to fuse together the TPU lining and the outer polycarbonateshell.

On this one however the screws are your only TPU inner lining since the caseis transparent.

I do prefer to have the entire inside of the case lined with the honeycombpatterned TPU instead of relying on only five TPU shock points that the phone comes in contactwith.

The lack of TPU lining also makes the case more rigid and therefore makes installingand removing your iPhone a bit more challenging.

Realistically the honeycomb pattern on thetransparent case is probably just for looks this time around instead of providing a hugesurface area for shock absorption like the existing case.

With that being said, I'm being extremelypicky here and installing your iPhone in this case is still a breeze.

The silver backediPhones look great against this transparent blue material and removing your iPhone isstill best accomplished by focusing on the more flexible corner by the volume buttons.

The three main reasons this is my top pick for an iPhone case are first its size.

Itadds very little bulk to your iPhone and feels great in your hand.

Second, the buttons worksurprisingly well and are a pleasure to use.

And third, is its durability.

The only complaint I've ever received froma friend who I've recommended this case to is that it's a little slippery.

If you thoughtthe existing case was slick then the new transparent finishes probably aren't for you.

I've yetto drop it and it's not so slick that it's a problem for me.

However, it's noticeablymore slippery than the solid color case.

In the end this is still a fantastic casefor your iPhone 6 or 6S and it's probably just going to come down to color preference.

I personally prefer the matte finish of the solid cases but if you're looking for somethinga little more flashy give these new colors a shot.

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