UNBOXING & REVIEW – Samsung Galaxy J5(2016) – Da, el este!

UNBOXING & REVIEW – Samsung Galaxy J5(2016) – Da, el este!

hello hello all supported I have to make a confession You were right dozens of people were asked to review samsung galaxy J5 6 in the queue it's 2016 version lad but that all people are asking this phone and Finally I asked to test BA and we were pleasantly surprised Let's see in the end what is so exciting area-average accessible Samsung as you know most advanced are there sites then come A's j have sites here now we will get into the mega-accessible but j5 is less than 1,000 lei gently we'll see until the end good box samsung galaxy J5 and attention this June slightly gray writing is embossed I do not know who Fakes but you should know The box only European sim cards so it is optimized for networks to new back some nice things I'm always interested to see I'm super AMOLED because Super AMOLED is one of best screens that can put cell phones and that is metal J3 is plastic the metal J5 and I am very curious What's in the box very curious I melt curiosity phone in a bag give me is metal * Least not to the evil eye * waste conventional headphones without hoods of-those silicone of plastic are so in the ear cable 1.

2m good and charger 1.

55 this is a good job I'll charge the battery in about 2:00 details again a little later let's see what's up with him J5 2016 is a refresh version from last year As it is normal codenamed j500FN small differences I said compared to what we found in package we should inquire how it looks Well metal frame and the thing that interests me the best Polycarbonate lid plastic back with this patch NFC is a tracking chip, right? do not be scared do not monitor samsung or at least the NFC chip Therefore polycarbonate cover with a slightly metallic and samsung logo here through the perforations of the top LED flash switch, camera and speaker otherwise battery 3100mAh removable great luxury I came to feel that I will miss the remove the battery, put the battery 100% Good luck with that here we SIM slot and fit a micro-sim and down a micro-sd hm? cute.

It is not waterproof but feel beyond this polycarbonate cover aluminum cold if the J3 this frame of aluminum-round show but was painted plastic Ah.

what I like the feeling that you catch all Ah burst balloons, saying that those button on the side standby here the top nothing left volume and the bottom microphone jack connector micro-USB and headphone connector good to get off foil It takes a lot of front screen phone logo and speaker here front camera might be a LED flash that there if I'm not mistaken and contextual buttons off the screen So the menu, menu and back button power by android Chapter screen until it starts must I say a few specifications I'm a little surprised because we have 5.

2 inches diagonally 0.

2 more than last year's but I just recently tested and J3 has all 5.

2 inches diagonally and what to see have the same resolution and it is 1080 720 pixels same technology a Super AMOLED that goes well and really shows Excellent color quality and a screen tested over time that does not disappoint resolution is decent but ordinary in normal use it at this distance not see pixels but if you approach it began to see the most demanding like me I am a little dissatisfied in this respect but in everyday use advantage of a 720p screen just as I have said dozens of times is autonomy, not consuming much power and the colors are very well told you shown excellent sunlight good let us leave hardware The on-board processor is a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 What's your interest you to know is that a recent enough processor that lead many interesting technologies a quad-core that up to 1.

2GHz aided by 2GB of RAM Behold 2GB of RAM LPDDR3, not bad a total of 1892 available and that's good because then the previous version was only 1.

5 has been received 0.

5GB of RAM and you'll see why this is important work OS as 16GB of storage you have available only 11 effective after longer taking space and other applications samsung only 9 remain photos and videos so graphics accelerator an Adreno 305 just like last year's version what this means the benchmarks we've tested course in AnTuTu as we usually and 911, that pushes it a bit in the average low rankings to 30 places or lower and do not necessarily interested in the performance of this segment but rather package because those who take a device under 1,000 lei Few look at the top specifications and will rather say a device that to respond to the issue autonomy at certain separate qualities good up to reach things that make the difference let's tie and the wirless We have wi-fi obvious and can connect to the network 2.

4Ghz we have onboard Bluetooth 4.

1 FM RADIO again we have something we seek every time NFC makes Hotspot AM, GPS, mi.

A missed something? Chapter 4G connects to networks Modern 4G but only to cat4 that is, 150MB / s what it is reasonable to say anyway it is fashioned much like 2015 but did not really need update and what to see amidst's reviews it came a software update I said the good news is that this device 6 therefore runs android has 2GB of RAM and during the test it came 354mb package that will lead to 6.


1 which is the latest version and what we like gonna give it install overnight when loaded is the very cool if you have a device J5 2015 may have luck and catch you update your If you have already received comment to know others what this means, what an android 6? behavior as possible fluid an excellent device without delay, like that abuses transitions as the cheese passes through any and the function including briefing done with those from flipbord quick access to applications one screen some folders with applications from Google from Microsoft and that's what a 5.

2 inch screen tells you 720p resolution This configuration will buzz all goes smoothly said Battery the 3100mAh battery will charge in 2:00 with the charger out of the box and that's good news again and autonomy the device does, how to say He feels the hand that has a battery generous it is not difficult and it helps that the cover is made of polycarbonate It is less aluminum I think it will keep well without problems all day working for someone active as long as you do not want the fingerprint sensor 3100de mAh are exactly as you need and that the removable battery function that we can call phones feature that we do not have It is again perfume but do not forget the camera safe package 13 back and 5 to that I've been tested but let's see.

fast auto-focus or selective focus can control the brightness Room same functions you've seen the main room as usual Samsung course does not disappoint with how wide without reaching out but if you reach out Calum let's see convincing the trigger device and smile.

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