UAG Ice Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case Review – Hands On

UAG Ice Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case Review – Hands On

Hello and welcome to this hands on video featuringthe UAG Composite Case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

We’re always interested to hearwhat you think of this fantastic case, so if you have any opinions or questions youwant answered please leave them in the comments below.

When applied to the S7 Edge, the UAG caseadds a touch of style as well as a great deal of protection to your phone.

The clear design,featuring great detailed touches like the honeycomb pattern and metal screws, make fora rough and ready style that really compliments the sleek aesthetics of your S7 Edge.

Whilethe rubberised black frame that surrounds the case adds durable shock protection toyour guard your precious phone from drops and bumps.

By exceeding military grade drop protectionyou can be sure of providing your S7 Edge with the best quality protection for a caseof this size and style.

The armored shell and impact resistant core combine with theraised bezel to ensure that if dropped, your phone will stay in one piece.

With form and function, the UAG compositecase works perfectly with the Galaxy S7 Edge and its features.

Allowing wireless chargingto pass through, you can keep your phone fully charged and protected at the same time.

Thecase also features all the necessary cutouts for the likes of the camera and headphoneports, while the oversized tactile buttons not only feel great, they make adjusting thevolume or turning your phone on or off easier than ever.

Available in a wide range of colours, thiscase truly has it all, making it a must have for any S7 Edge owner.

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