Samsung Notebook 9 15 review: Possibly the best 15-inch ultrabook

Samsung Notebook 9 15 review: Possibly the best 15-inch ultrabook

– Recommending a laptop in 2017 is always a difficult thing to do.

What Samsung has donehere with the Notebook 9 is really interesting: Nothing.

It's a basic Ultrabook, soif you need a 4K display or touchscreen, well, thisis probably not gonna be for you, but if you needsomething that is excellent to type on and a reallynice display and you're just a productivity worker, well,this really is a great laptop.

In fact, it may be my favorite15-inch laptop to date, and I'll tell you why.

(intense music) In terms of specifications,Samsung has done a really nice job here.

This a a premiumUltrabook, make no mistake.

It is an Intel core I7dual-core processor.

Now, it is Kaby Lakeand seventh generation, so that's a very good thing.

You also get 16 gigabytes of RAM, and 256 gigabytes of storage.

Being Samsung, it's nosurprise, they used their own PM961 SSD there.

That's also known as a 960Evo, it's an awesome SSD, and I'm glad they did include it here.

In terms of GPU, that's wherethings get really interesting.

They did use an NVIDIA 940 MX with two gigabytes of video memory.

Think of the 940 MX asbasically a booster.

It's not a gaming PC, you cando some light gaming on this, but it's more just to help with browsing and launching applications.

Let's talk a little bit about the display.

Samsung actually uses a 15-inch,that is 15.

0 inch display, which makes it a little bit unusual.

I happen to like it a lot, though.

And this is a full HD LED display.

It's also non-touch.

They use HDR on this, that means it has high contrast abilities.

This is totally optional,if you don't want to use it, you just flick the switch and it's off.

It's also glossy, butthis is Samsung, so their glossy displays are someof the best out there, especially if you've everused one of their TVs.

That means it absorbsreflections very well.

So, this is actuallykind of a cross between a glossy and matte display, itmakes it one of my favorites.

You're still going to get thatreally good color contrast, but you're not gonna getthe washed-out things with matte displays as well.

But, your eyes will alsobe saved in long-term use.

Last I checked, keyboards aresuper important with laptops, and luckily, Samsungdoes a really good job here with theirs.

This year, what you have aresilver keys instead of black.

Now, that's good and bad.

I think it looks better, butthe black keys, obviously, give better contrast.

The benefit here though,of course, they do have backlighting this year,which is pretty awesome.

They left that off lastyear, and it was really annoying for such a premium laptop.

Now, the backlight is a little weird.

It's basically green andyellow, it's not quite white, but that helps with the contrast.

Luckily, though, the keytravel and key usage here for typing is phenomenal, it'sone of my favorite keyboards.

It's a very soft keyboard,so, when you're typing on it, it's not gonna be very loud.

You do, of course, havethe homerow keys over here on the side, which isbecoming the new style.

You also have a full fingerprintscanner right below it.

I like how they basicallylined all that up, so it just matches.

It's actually one of thebest fingerprint scanners I've actually used, itworks every single time, I've never had an issue with it.

Of course, the one odd thinghere is, all these keys have now shifted down a little bit.

So, what happens is, thetrackpad is slightly off-center compared to, say, the spacebar.

You might have have noticedthat until I pointed it out, it's one of those things,you can't unsee it now.

Speaking of that trackpad,look at the size of this thing, it is absolutely huge, it's so good.

It's a glass trackpad,and it is precision.

So, Samsung's actually been very good about embracing precision.

I think it's one of thebest trackpads I've used.

Specifically, when you clickit, it's a very soft click, it doesn't take a lot of energy.

Now, I have done what theycalled buried the lede with this laptop.

Why I say that? This thing weighs 2.

7 pounds,also known as 1.

24 kilograms, for the rest of the world.

That makes it ridiculously light.

It's one of the lightest 15-inch laptops.

Now, I know the LG Gramis technically lighter, but the LG Gram doesn'tfeature as much hardware as this does, includingthat GPU, as well as a precision touchpad and faster SSD.

So, actually, this is a better value, and it just has excellent build quality.

Now, it is metal, but it'slike a metal hybrid plastic, so it's a little strange.

It doesn't feel as solidas, say, the HP Spectre, which, 'cause it ways two pounds more.

There's no flex on the bottom,it's a very sturdy bottom, and I had no issues there.

On the top, though, with thedisplay, there is a little bit of flex in the center here,but it's not bad at all.

For audio, not a huge fanhere, Samsung put the speakers on the bottom, so you havethese two little ones.

But, having said that, eventhough I would prefer them on top, they're very goodspeakers, they're a lot better than I thought they would be.

They're not super loud, but theaudio quality is really nice and Samsung's audio softwaredoes a really good job of tuning it to the media you're watching.

Now, one of the great thingshere Samsung did was this.

You can open thisone-handed, look at that.

It is beautiful, it works every time.

It's a very smooth operation.

They just did a really greatjob here with that hinge.

What's kind of strange,though, is you can do this.

It goes completely flat.

Now, it's not a 360 hinge,so you can't rotate it all the way around.

They have this, basically,for conference calls and when you're ina meeting and you want to share something with somebody.

It's a little bit weird, butI see HP pushing this design as well, so, hey, it's not a bad thing.

But overall, there's no wobble to it, it's a very sturdy hinge.

But I just love how smoothit is, it's just really great to open and close.

Normally, I skip over softwarewhen it comes to laptops, but not this time, Samsungputs a lot of nice stuff here.

There is what they call this iSync family.

So, I won't go through allof these, but basically, if you own a Galaxysmartphone, you can do a lot, including sharing yourcamera, you can share photos, you can message things, share your screen, all sorts of cool littletricks you could do here.

So, pretty nice.

Now, if you don't have aGalaxy phone, don't worry.

There is this awesome apphere called Samsung Settings.

It allows you to dothings like auto-booting, so when you open thedisplay, whether it comes on or off, you can control that.

You can also controlwhether or not the USB ports come on for charging whenthe display is closed, battery life extender,I really like this one, outdoor mode, you toggle that,it goes up to over 400 nits for when you're outside, very nice.

You can toggle the videoHDR for the display, you can even controlthings like block recording for the smart camera and microphones.

My favorite, though,is privacy protection.

Look at this, security camera.

This is a really neat feature.

When you lock the deviceand you go to login, if someone was to mess withyour computer and, say, type that in and watch.

'Course, I got that passwordwrong, you'll see this thing here, it sayssecurity cam is running.

What just happened now iswhen I tried to log in, it actually snapped my photo.

I think that's an awesomefeature, kudos to Samsung for making that happen.

In terms of performance, Samsungdid a really nice job here, it's one of the best15-inch laptops out there, it even beats the HP Spectre out slightly.

When you talk about rawprocessor, now, of course, the XPS 15 is gonna be much more strong, with its quad-core processor.

When it comes down to battery,they did an awesome job.

This has got a 66 watt-hourbattery, which is pretty impressive for a devicethat weighs 2.

7 pounds.

That battery is easily goingto get you about 10 hours of real-world usage.

Now, I say that because it's hard to kill.

I go sometimes two tothree days with this device without having to recharge it.

In terms of noise, it'sexceptionally quiet.

This does have two fans on the inside, which is pretty impressive in of itself, but they almost never come on.

Now, when you're runningthe GPUs, say, playing a video game, they will, butit sounds like a whisper.

So, a very quiet laptop.

In terms of temperatures,it's never got over 102 degrees Fahrenheitor 39 degrees Celsius, so, overall, it's very cool.

Alright, let's bring it all home.

So, this laptop is a dual-corecore I7 with 16 gigs of RAM.

It goes for a price of 1399,which is actually pretty good.

Now, the HP Spectre X360,for a hundred dollars more, gives you a 4K display and pen support, that's not insignificant.

But, this device weighs under three pounds and gets ridiculous batterylife, has a beautiful fingerprint scanner, keyboard and trackpad and a really nicedisplay, so it's gonna be a little bit different,it's not for everybody.

But if you do a lot ofriding and you just need a mobile device thatyou can watch movies on and just really enjoy using,this is a really good value.

I should also mention,there is also a version with eight gigs of RAMand no GPU, that goes for about 1199, so youcan save some money there.

I would go for this,though, this is probably one of my favorite15-inch laptops right now, at least for my joband what I need it for.

Now, in terms ofavailability, unfortunately, Samsung is pretty weirdhere, this is only available in the United States andSouth Korea at this moment.

Samsung doesn't have muchpresence in Europe right now for their laptops, so you'llprobably need to import it.

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