Samsung KS7500 KS8500 curved UHD TV review

Samsung KS7500 KS8500 curved UHD TV review

Hi everybody and welcome to the review ofSamsung 49KS7502 in 49-inch screen size.

KS7500 is a curved screen UHD LCD TV seriesin Samsung's 2016 lineup, also available in 43, 55 and 65 inch screen sizes.

Current price on Amazon UK for 49-inch versionis 1059 pounds.

KS7500 is the most affordable curved SUHDTV this year, equipped with UHD Premium certificate that makes it suitable for watching UHD HDRcontent with wide color gamut.

In terms of features and picture quality KS7000and KS7500 share many similarities that I've confirmed during this test.

Just like KS7000, so is KS7500 an attractivelooking TV.

It has very thin silver bezel and elegantso-called branch stand design.

Stand is made of metal, installs without anytools and holds TV firmly on the surface.

There is also an option to wall-mount it usingstandard VESA mounts.

Screen has Samsung's Ultra Black filter whichsuccessfully reduces light reflections and makes viewing less distracting in well-litenvironments.

Compared to Philips's Moth Eye which was someyears ago reserved only for their flagship TVs and one screen size, Samsung is bringingthis advanced technology further down the line which is a big plus in my book.

I really hope that Samsung will continue touse this technology and further improve it in the future.

LCD screen is LED backlit with LEDs placedbelow the screen, same as on KS7000.

This approach allows TV to have very thinbezel and small depth, especially in the top area.

TV comes with One Connect Box Mini that hasall the most frequently used and needed connection options.

There are 4 HDMIs in version 2.

0a, 2 USBs,antenna, satellite inputs and Toslink.

On the TV itself there is the third USB, Ethernet,CI, power and special connector for the external box.

Samsung also supplies glossy plastic coverto hide the connectors and to make backside of the TV nice and tidy.

Same as on KS7000, Smart remote is suppliedwith KS7500.

Remote is very elegant, simple to use andfits well in hands.

Navigation is typical with 4 directions andOK in the center without pointer option integrated this year.

There is also a built-in mike and multifunctionalvolume and channel buttons.

TV comes with latest version of Tizen OS thatSamsung introduced last year.

Platform is responsive, easy to get used toand has wide selection of apps.

I like how fast it is, especially boot timefrom standby for which it takes a second or so to show picture and become responsive.

Good to know is that in standby TV is consumingless than 1 W of energy.

TV delivers solid picture quality across theboard.

As long as you are sitting in front of thescreen and not from too big angle, you will be able to enjoy high contrast picture withaccurate colors, smooth playback and high quality upscaling to UHD resolution.

Picture characteristics are the most accuratein Movie preset and if you want to learn more on how to adjust settings, check link in thedescription.

Since TV manufacturers do not reveal muchabout actual picture characteristics, all we know from Samsung is that it has so-calledPicture Quality Index of 2200 and step down KS7000 has value of 2100.

It is really hard to summarize all picturecharacteristics of a TV in one number, so here is the breakdown of my results:- KS7000 has higher ANSI contrast, which is inline with my previous results that curvedscreens have somewhat lower contrast than the flat ones.

In reality both screens provide good depthof blacks and bright whites – KS7500 reached slightly higher peak luminancethat KS7000, with both results being well over UHD Premium requirement.

This guarantees attractive HDR picture formovies and games – KS7500 scored higher in motion resolutiontests, showing slightly more details in motion and less pronounced trails when LED ClearMotion was engaged.

This makes KS7500 better choice for watchingsports – Both TVs have same amount of Dirty ScreenEffect present, which was not distracting overall- KS7000 has better screen uniformity, with less pronounced light bleeds.

For dark room environment this is a plus comparedto curved KS7500 – Both TVs have similar picture characteristicsby default, with Movie preset being the best.

More on this in separate videos- KS7500 has more accurate Rec.

709 coverage and it covered just a bit more of DCI-P3 colorspace.

Please note that these differences could varyfrom unit to unit – Both TVs have same picture processing andare considered good for watching everything from standard definition up to UHD HDR content- Both have one of the best input lag scores on the market today.

I had much fun playing UHD and UHD HDR gameson KS7500 and same results I expect from KS7000.

So as you can see it is not possible to clearlypick the winner here judging just by picture quality.

They both perform very similar and mentioneddifferences are not really visible if you do not have one sample next to each otherand you know where to look.

Because KS7000 is cheaper I believe that morepeople will lean towards it.

Sound quality on KS7500 is average and willsatisfy only non-demanding users.

For watching movies, concerts and playinggames, I strongly recommend investing in external audio system for best result.

To conclude, KS7500 is yet another excellentTV from Samsung and it receives my recommendation.

It will handle well all kinds of content togetherwith fast and well designed menus and all important connection options needed today.

Alternatives to this model, especially ifyou want TV with wider viewing angles are LG's UH77 or UH85 series and Sony's XD83 orXD85 series.

Thanks for watching this review.

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