Samsung Gear S3 Frontier : Review [Español]

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier : Review [Español]

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They promised to be the great feeling of the market, but gradually that enthusiasm was appeasing.

Some manufacturers are wondering if it's worth to keep trying, but it is not the case Samsung, which released the third incarnation of its most powerful smartwatches, the series Gear S3.

This is the review of the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier SmartGSM What stands out at first glance the Frontier Gear s3 is that looks like a watch, and very well done.

Its circular dial it apart from other similar options as the Apple Watch.

It has military-grade protection, IP68 certification that makes it waterproof, rubber bands interchangeable and stainless steel chassis matte black collaborating with her beauty – Users who prefer more classic options can opt for the S3 Gear Classic: same benefits, another aspect.

This resistance is accompanied by a considerably larger size than other smartwatches, which can be inconvenient in certain situations.

Gear S3 screen Frontier is captivating.


3 inch, is the best on a smartwatch.

Protected by Gorilla Glass SR, it is clearly visible in any lighting situation, maybe the most important aspect smartwatch.

Definitely away Android Wear, Samsung bet again by Tizen as a platform.

This choice comes with its pros and cons, such as limited support a handful of smartphones.

For the full potential of Gear S3 Frontier, you need to use a Samsung smartphone Navigating through the interface it is well achieved.

It can be controlled tactilely by the wheel around the screen, and the It has two buttons side, facilitating handling in different conditions.

Is available even voice control via S Voice, but is quite limited both Spanish and functionality, just understanding the commands – well Google below.

We only hope that Samsung S3 Gear upgrade to Bixby to fully take advantage of it Applications available options are quite limited, partly because Samsung costs entice developers, but nevertheless there are some interesting apps.

The Frontier Gear S3 is loaded with sensors: GPS tracking of sports, heart rate sensor, and altimeter and barometer – which can predict more accurately rain that morning prognosis.

Coupled with polished S Health, the S3 Gear Frontier can make full track of user activities, recording sleep, aerobic activity, counting steps and distance, suggesting elongar if it detects too much inactivity, and many other things more – although sometimes it can get a little annoying notifications.

The Gear S3 is also able to track the sleeping hours, although it is a challenge sleep with such a large watch on his wrist.

The Achilles heel of Gear S3 Frontier perhaps is its limited integration with apps.

Notifications of applications can be viewed from the Gear s3, but answer can be a challenging task – especially since Samsung limited input methods a few languages, and Spanish is preferred.

Not to mention, for example, send a WhatsApp message, something that is android wear possible with a simple voice command.

Unfortunately geographic availability will leave many out of what is a clear Gear differentiator S3: Samsung Pay.

The Gear S3 integrates with Samsung payment system and is much more comfortable to use a smartphone.

Samsung says the Gear S3 can run for four days on a single charge, but in our experience the most was between a day and a half and two – though without any energy saving option and the permanently on display.

Chances are that the S3 Gear should be charged every night, and luckily account with magnetic and wireless charger that makes the process easy loading.

Unfortunately wireless charging is not compatible with other chargers, something to keep note for example by making a trip.

The Frontier Gear S3 is not an economic smartwatch.

Starting from $ 349 for Bluetooth variant, the price scale yet more with the LTE version.

You would find more justification if Samsung – or any manufacturer for smartwatches the case – would support the Gear s3 for more than two years tax as is customary with smartphones, in order to extend its life and justify such a large investment a fixture.

In short, despite some minor inconveniences, the accompanying software positively Gear S3 to Frontier, and is one of the most successful smartwatches.

It will assess in each convenience, but if you buy a smartwatch, the Gear S3 Frontier deserves to pay attention, because it certainly is the best there is today in the market.

And this was the review of the Samsung Gear S3 SmartGSM Frontier.

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