Samsung Gear S3 Classic – Recenzja / Test / Opinie / Review

Samsung Gear S3 Classic – Recenzja / Test / Opinie / Review

After a fairly well received Gear S2, Samsung decided to present by the end of 2016 years two successors – Classic and Frontier Gear S3 versions.

Smart watches based on TizenOS system.

They attract with one of the prettiest design available on the market and a ton of features that should be indicative of the usefulness of such inventions.

But are they? Let's see on the example of the classic version! And, well, in this episode, I run up the stairs.

Let's start from the aesthetic point of view.

S3 Classic has a 1.

3" SuperAMOLED display with a resolution of 360×360 px, hidden inside circular bezel with a diameter of 46 mm.

Bezel is made of a stainless steel and has a high quality rugged rotating ring, which simplifies the move between apps and two buttons which reminiscent a classic lace.

Beneath them there is a microphone, and on the left side of the watch there is a decent quality speaker.

The device is neither small nor light.

Bigger size is associated with the number of added functions and 59 grams of weight make this model a lot more bulky than it's predecessor.

Subjectively, however, it is not a bad change.

– for me S3 looks a lot better thank S2.

The watch stopped being a futuristic band and became a sophisticated element of the wardrobe.

Other addition to the watch is a classic black genuine leather strap in two sizes – S and pre-installed size L.

Samsung boasts, however, a broad spectrum of alternative strips that can be seamlessly exchange and match given situation.

The device also has class IP68, which allows taking baths in the tub, with a depth even of 1.

5 m.

But this is only the beginning of flattery in this review, because the change in design also came out positively on the functionality side.

Watch has now a built-in GPS which helps with calculating workout results and determining routes.

Oh yes, exercises, it turns out that the watch can initiate the calculation of calories, even for a such a no-life like me.

You just need to choose "Other activity from the S-Health list, then choose goal – "Time" (eg 30 minutes) then choose Start, countdown and.

You can sit in front of a computer and calories fly like crazy! But before we get into the watch possibilities, a few words about pairing and application on the smartphone.

To use the device to its maximum potential in Android, the paired device suggests installing 3-4 plugins which includes mentioned S Health that controls the results of our daily activity.

Gear Manager app on your smartphone allows you to adjust virtually every aspect of the watch operation and install a large number of free and paid add-ons.

Managing notifications, applications, the ability to synchronize media quick responses to messages, message SOS function or Find My Watch is the only a fraction of them.

It is worth noting that by having the speaker and microphone you can make and receive phone calls, that yes, give a "Matrix agents feeling" but sometimes they make life much easier, that it's hard not to use.

Typing on the keyboard is also possible, but requires high precision and a lot of free time.

Personally, I often used the quick answers templates.

What developers have tuned to perfection is the amount and the possibilities of styling watch faces.

The Gear Manager has hundreds of them (also free), so we can quickly change the style and adjust it to the current dress code.

All major applications, like Spotify which I use daily, are available in the gear store.

TizenOS does great in any situation, with no lags.

Notifications that appear on our smartphone are instantly mirrored on the smartwatch screen, which does not adversely affect the battery life.

The standard for me was three days of normal operation which is an excellent result, especially when charging is extremely pleasant.

In the package you get a wireless charger that draws energy from the socket or fertile soil, as seen in this case.

(note – the device doesn't charge from fertile soil.

It doesn't charge from any kind of soil).

Another innovative feature is floor count that rewards us for walking up.


So if you live in the countryside in a house with no attic or basement – your loss! Especially for today I chose a video scene with stairs to test this function, and to see if it works.

Hm? Still zero? Yes! Floor counted! So how is the Gear S3 Classic? For me it is full of courtesy, sophisticated, unconventional but subtle.

Smoothly running, well-equipped, big and long-running battery.


When smartphones showed to the phone market, many people also called them unnecessary toys.

In the end we need phones to phone and write SMS.

Like watches – after all watches have to show time, and, possibly the date.

You see the analogy? And what do you think? Let me know in the comments! You can find Classic and Frontier models on Sferis.

Source: Youtube