Samsung Gear IconX Review A Fitness Tracker In Your Ear

Samsung Gear IconX Review A Fitness Tracker In Your Ear

While we wait for the Apple AirPods to arrivein the mail, i thought it would be fun to review the Samsung Gear Icon X Wireless Earbuds.

Rumors have been flying around that appletook so long to release the AirPods because of syncing issues… but if Samsung and othersmaller companies have managed to release similar products what took apple so long? Lets find out how the Icon X preform.

Well they haven't exploded like the Note 7just yet, so thats good.

First when you slide out the box you're goingto get a smaller box that has a quick start guide you're going to drastically need.

below that you're going to get some differentsized silicon ear tips and ear fins so you can customize the fit to your liking.

youre also going to get a USB cable and USBconnector.

You also get the carrying case it self thatalso acts as a charging cradle and the ear buds themselves.

over all its a good presentation.

These earbuds do much more than just playmusic.

They can also measure your heart rate, speed,distance traveled, and calories burnt.

They are also water and sweat resistant.

But just keep in mind, you can only use theseearbuds to their full potential if youre using Samsung's S Health App which is only availableon android devices.

But don't worry, you can still sync theseearbuds to an iPhone.

All you have to do is just take the ear budsout of the charging cradle and head over to your bluetooth settings page in your iPhoneand pair them.

if you decide to use the icon x with youriPhone you wont get any of the fitness features like the hear rate monitor, or calorie tracker.

Although the Icon X are packed with a wholebunch of features, the most important aspect we’re interested in is what they sound like.

After listening to a few songs from differentgenres I can say these ear buds don't sound too good.

theres barely any instrument separation, theysound muddled, the highs tend to ring or give off a tiny sound and theres barely any bassto them.

If youre getting these earphones its not becauseyoure looking for something that sound good, youre getting them because youre interestedin their fitness capabilities.

The good thing is since they're to light weightthey don't fall out of your ear.

Each earbud features a trackpad you can useto control your music.

By tapping once you can play or pause yourmusic.

a double tap will skip to the next song anda triple tap will go back a track.

You can swipe left or right to adjust thevolume on your earbuds as well.

Its a cool approach to controlling your music,but it can be a little clunky at best.

I noticed that while testing the track padi kept getting the wrong command out of the earbuds.

Each earbud has a 47 milli Amp Hour batterythat should get you around 3 hours of play back time.

The case itself has a 315 Milli Amp Hour Batterythat can charge up each earbud back to full battery 5 times.

All you have to do is place the earbuds inthe case and close the lid and they'll start charging back up.

there are even indicator lights on the frontof the case that will tell you if the earbuds are charging.

If the case it self runs out of battery allyou have to do is charge it up from the micro usb port in the back.

The Samsung Gear Icon X is very much a betatest product like the first Apple Watch was.

Its giving us a preview of what Samsung hasin store for us concerning fitness technology.

The heart rate monitor on these ear buds isnot the best and found them to be off the majority of the time.

The track pad interface can be very clumsyat times.

The 3 hour battery life and lack of quickcharging capabilities means you cant just pick up these earphones and go if they'reon low charge.

They also don't sound too good.

If youre an early adopter and likes to beon the bleeding edge of technology then pick up a pair of Icon X if youre into running.

Not having to carry your phone around andbeing able to track your runs with your earbuds is pretty cool.

But if youre in the market for wireless earbudsfor the gym then I advise you pass on these.

Instead look into the Jaybird X3’s or thePowerbeats 3, links to their reviews are in the description.

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