Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Review

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I'm Shannon Morse,and I've got my hands on the Samsung GalaxyTab S, priced at $499.


This 10.

5 inch Android4.

4 Kit Kat tablet is stressing the factthat it is lightweight and has an excellent screen.

And I have to agree withboth of those facts.

At 16.

4 ounces and athinness of 0.

26 inches, it's incrediblyskinny to hold, but it doesn't feel like it'sgoing to float away or break at any moment.

The one that I got to checkout comes in dazzling white, or you can also get thetitanium bronze version.

And while the back has adefinitely plastic-y feel, the screen reallymakes up for it.

This guy comes with a 1,600 by2,560 super ammo LED display.

That's twice theresolution of an HDTV guys, and it has the ability toauto adjust the brightness, depending on where you are.

I was able to watch severalHi-Def movies on here, including Avengersand the Hunger Games, and each one was crisp andclear with colors that pop and the blackest of blacks.

The tablet only comes with upto 16 gigs of internal space.

Not much, but luckilyyou can increase that up to 128 gigs witha micro SD card.

Three gigs of RAM keep theTab S running smoothly, and the only time that I noticedan issue was when I first started up the device, and itwas downloading all of my apps on my account.

The Samsung Exynos5 Octa CPU has 1.

9 gigahertz quad-coreand 1.

3 gigahertz quad-core to give gamingand heavy usage a boost.

That's eight cores guys.

That's a lot.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, andGPS are all built in, and the battery is epic.

I was able to watch 10 hoursworth of movies streaming from my Netflix, and Istill had 28% battery left after all of thaton full brightness.

But if you need the tabletto survive for much longer, you can turn on ultra powersaving mode, which basically turns off all unnecessary apps,and it grayscales the screen.

Audio from the dual speakerssounds great at loud volumes, but there is little bass.

The clarity isexcellent, and because of the speakerson opposite sides, the sound feels as if itis surrounding the device, and it won't becovered up if you put your hands in acomfortable position.

Samsung's Touch With softwareis placed on top of Android, and while I prefervanilla Android, it's not that intrusive.

Samsung has also packed insome really cool features like a fingerprintscanner, multi-user mode, and multi-window usage.

So you can run two appsnext to each other.

The fingerprint scannerworks really well and recognized my fingerprinton each and every test.

The camera is similar to manytablet cameras on the market.

The front is 2.

1 megapixelsand the back 8.

0 with a flash, with recordingvideo up to 10 ADP.

The rear camera doesn't doso well with moving subjects, but it is prettydecent with still ones.

The back one is crispenough for webcam chats, but I wouldn't recommend usingit for any kind of selfies.

It's not that great for that.

To summarize, theSamsung Galaxy Tab S is an excellent choice fortravelers, not only for work but also for tonsof entertainment with a super high end screen.

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I'm Shannon Morse.

Thanks for watching.

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