Samsung Galaxy S8 – Valtest (Que Choisir)

Samsung Galaxy S8 – Valtest (Que Choisir)

When we launched the Galaxy S8 and S8 + were held a few days ago, We were stunned by the beautiful, elongated screen with perfect display.

Today, the disappointment came: the devices are too fragile, as evidenced by our test lab.

Every smartphone that we test, we submit to our drop test, to test the drop resistance.

A specially designed falling debris simulates falls from 80 centimeters height.

We inspect the phone after the first fifty falls.

the phone is still in good condition, then follows a new round of fifty times fall into the drum.

Lf the phone appears to be badly damaged, then we do the test again with a new phone.

The majority of smart phones is falling test 100 times.

But no test copy of the S8 and S8 + survived falling more than fifty times.

The elongated screen that makes the model unique is obviously not withstand the blow.

The images speak for themselves.

Smartphones performing so poorly are rare.

Normally leave the heavy test quite a few traces.

The iPhone 7 and Hauwei P9 showed, for example, some scratches on the casing or on the screen.

The Sony Xperia XZ was slightly distorted on the sides.

The Galaxy S7, the predecessor of the S8, passed the test with a few scratches after 100 falls.

And that's quite normal.

But for € 809 and € 909 to the S8 and S8 + cost you can surely expect more.

Source: Youtube