Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review! The Best Phone of 2017 So Far!

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Review! The Best Phone of 2017 So Far!

– What's goin' on, tech squad? Andru Edwards here,editor-in-chief at GearLive.

Com, and you guys have been asking me when am I gonna finally publishmy Samsung Galaxy S8 review.

Well, this is that video.

Right here, I've got thenew Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and I've got a couple ofpolarizing opinions on these.

I mean, polarizing not inthat it's good and bad, but more of a, I thinkthis is one of the best, if not the best smartphones you can go out and buy right now, but that said, I don't know that it's that much better than what they've released previously.

So let's go into that and jump into my Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus review.

If you've been followingmy channel for a while now, you'll remember that I hitNew York City a few weeks ago to be there for thelaunch and announcement of the brand new Samsung GalaxyS8 and S8 Plus smartphones, and I'll leave a cardto that video here above as well as a link downin the description below.

Now, when you talk aboutthe Samsung Galaxy S8, of course the firstthing you need to discuss is that display, the brandnew infinity display.

It's a 5.

8 inch dual curvedQHD super AMOLED display.

Samsung said this is ascreen without limits, I say it's a screen withpretty much no bezel and it makes the screenlook really impressive.

The display stretches from edge to edge at a resolution of 2930 by 1440, giving it an 18 and ahalf by nine aspect ratio, so it's a little longerand a little thinner than the smartphone displaysyou've pretty much been used to which are typically 16 by nine.

People always wanna know aboutthe cameras on a smartphone and the Samsung GalaxyS8 pretty much holds over the same camera technologyfound in the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Note 7 from last year.

On the back, you're gonnafind a 12 megapixel camera that's pretty much equal to the camera on the Note 7 and Galaxy S7.

There is some extrasoftware tricks here to make the quality of the photosa little bit better though, and in all honesty, the Note7 camera was pretty fantastic, so if the Galaxy S8 camera ispretty much the same thing, there's not much to complain about.

That said, I would've loved to have seen a dual camera systemon the Galaxy S8 Plus, which is similar to what you'd find on the iPhone 7 Plus or the LG G6, which I also did a review onrecently, linked down below.

But I'm guessing they're saving the dual camera for the Galaxy Note 8, which we'll see later this year in 2017.

But one camera thatdid get vastly improved is the front camera.

It's now an eightmegapixel wide angle camera with auto-focus, so now whenyou're holding out your phone to take a selfie you don'thave to reach in and tap on the display in orderto focus on your face.

Now, the camera will justdo it automatically for you.

Another new technologyis the face scanner, so there's the iris scanner, which was brought over from the Note 7.

There's the fingerprint sensor, which is in a super weird place.

It's actually right nextto the camera on back, which everybody's beensaying is super confusing.

I feel the same way.

When you're just trying to reach for it on your own without looking, you're pretty much gonna end up rubbing your finger over the camera, probably rubbing yourfinger over the flash until you find which of the three areas is the fingerprint sensor,so fingerprint sensor, not that convenient this time around, but the iris scanner is there, and it's pretty quickat unlocking your phone, and the face scanner is even faster, although it's a little bit less secure.

Just like the Galaxy 7 and Note 7 before, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are IP68 water and dust-resistant,and if you missed it, I'm gonna leave a linkdown to my water test, which I performed on the Galaxy S8.

No need to go over thewhole thing again here, but instead of submerging it in water, I submerged in the Starbucksunicorn frappuccino for 30 minutes, so again, link down below if you wanna see how the Galaxy S8 fared.

Now, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus both ship with 64 gigabytes of onboard storage, but you can increase itusing a micro SD card, which is always nice to see.

If you're looking for a card, I recommend SanDiskcards, and in particular, the new SanDisk 256 gigabyteultra premium edition.

This is actually an A1certified micro SD card, and since it supports the A1 standard, it's the perfect companionfor adoptable storage.

The end result of the A1 standard is much faster app launching, as well as quicker processingof accompanying tasks, including audio, graphics, saved profiles, and in app permissions, so not only are you increasing the available space on your phone, you're also increasing thespeed at which it performs.

I'll leave a link below tothe SanDisk 256 gigabyte ultra premium edition microSD card on B & H Photo.

I'm a fan of B & H Photobecause if you order from them and you don't live in New York state, all your orders are tax-free.

But of course, if youdon't need 256 gigabytes or you don't wanna spend that much, SanDisk also offers anarray of micro SD cards, including the ultra, the extreme,and the extreme pro lines.

But if you're looking for external storage where you don't have to dedicate a micro SD card to the phone itself, SanDisk also makes this little guy.

It is an external USB-Cflash memory drive, and the cool part about thisis that one side is USB-C, but then you can flipthe switch right here and the other side is full size USB-A, so you can put this into acomputer, put files on it, switch it over to USB-C mode,and plug it into your phone.

You can transfer files back and forth, or you can just keepfiles stored right on here to access on your mobile device.

So I'll leave a link to this one down in the description below as well.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835is an eight core processor with four 2.

35 gigahertz cores and four 1.

9 gigahertz cores, so you've got your efficient cores and you've got your performance cores.

And one other standout feature here, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8Plus are the first smartphones to ship in the world withBluetooth 5.

0 built in.

Bluetooth 5.

0 is a big step up.

It allows you connect to devices faster, it allows you to stay connected further away, four times further away, and the best part isthat now you can stream to multiple Bluetooth devices at a time, so if you have two Bluetooth speakers or two pairs of Bluetooth headphones or one speaker and one pair of headphones, you can connect both to the phone and stream music or video, whatever, to both devices andhear it simultaneously.

Thank you so much for watching.

As always, guys, drop a commentdown below and let me know what you think of the SamsungGalaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Are you picking one up? Are you going with the LG G6 instead? Waiting on the new iPhone for this year? Let me know where you stand, and I'll meet you down therefor further discussion.

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I appreciate the support as always.

I'm Andru Edwards, and I'llcatch you in the next video.

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