Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – مراجعة هاتف سامسونج جالاكسي اس ٨

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review – مراجعة هاتف سامسونج جالاكسي اس ٨

As we promised you, we managed to getthe official release of Samsung Galaxy S8 We will review it in details to getto know its potential and specifications Let us start This is the new Samsung S8 It is elegant and attractive There is no Home button on the bottom The fingerprint scanner is on the back now The screen is bigger now unlike the sizeof the phone which is smaller now The result? A stunning phone in the truesense of the word The S8 is the best phone Samsunghas made so far It is the phone of the future No, not only is it that, but it isalso the computer of the future The S8's width is narrower by around4mm than the S7 Edge This makes it easy to holdand control You can wrap your whole handaround the phone and have a firm grip so you caneasily use it Here we see the power buttonon the right in addition to the speaker and the USBCand earphone jack on the bottom The volume controls are on the left inaddition to a special Bixby button which is an assistant uniqueto Samsung The SIM card goes on top Samsung has finally let go of itslogo on the front which made the S8 more fluidand symmetrical This has added an elegant and specialedge to the phone Samsung has also removed the home buttonand used icons instead which has also added to the phone'sbeautiful design The S8 revolutionary design has madeSamsung make a better screen for it It is a super AMOLED5.

8-inch screen 2960×1440, 570ppi The S8 screen is amazing and it is the best smart phone that has everdisplayed pictures and videos It is what Samsung has calledInfinity Display or an endless screen Color representation and contrastis perfect The screen displays sharp colorswith great saturation Samsung gives you the chance tochoose your own resolution You can use between Quad HD Plusand Full HD Plus or the HD Plus The phone is longer which providesyou with more space for display But while watching a video, we seea black patch on both sides of the screen This is because the aspect ratio of thescreen is now 18.

5:9 and not 16:9 that was used earlier This will not affect your experience We just need to wait for the videosto use this ratio so it would be suitable for the S8screens in the future To enjoy your videos and games moreSamsung has provided AKG earphones when you buy the S8 or the S8 Plus They are powerful and clear The sound is loud and clear not to mentionthat the earphones are anti-tangle {an2} We won't forget the phone's curved edgesthat have become an essential feature in Samsung phones But what is exciting is the smart toolsthat existed in the Note7 like Animation GIF There is also the Blue Light filterwhich helps you change the light that your phone emits to a morecomfortable setting What's new is you canschedule this feature There is also the Always On featurewhich displays your reminders in addition to the time and datewithout having to unlock the phone And it barely uses 1% of the battery Talking about the battery, it is3000mAh and unremovable The battery is weak comparedto the S7 Edge but with fast charging which enablesyou to charge 50% in half an hour you won't worry about using upyour battery capacity This battery supports the S8 This phone has an Exynos octa coreprocessor with 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage with thepossibility of adding a micro SD card for an expansion up until 256GB The phone's performanceis strong and fast It is ideal for playing complicated gamesin addition to multi-tasking and speed in opening the applications This processor promises11% faster performance and 23% better graphicsas well as 20% more power saving due to an ideal processing of tasksand applications in the S8 phone The phone offers you Performance Mode to choose among different optionsof using the phone The rear camera in S8 does not differmuch from that of S7 Edge It is 12 megapixel, F1.

7 which allows great pictures in night timeor with dim lighting Despite using the same camera, the picturesthat the S8 takes are better This is because of a better processing forthe pictures in the S8 The color accuracy is amazingand realistic There are exciting camera modes like HDR, slow picturingand hyper lapse You can record a video in Ultra HDwith a photo stabilizer If you like taking selfies, the front camerais now 8 megapixel and wider even But what is special is the differentmodes you can use If you press here, the camera willoffer you a wide array of frames and special stickers similar to Snapchatto use before taking a picture You can use them in the picturesor videos I think that the young people willlike this new feature in S8 This is not the only feature thatthe young people will like There is also the Bixby, whichis Samsung's smart assistant that competes with Siri from iPhoneand Google's assistant Bixby will help you interact withyour phone by using only your voice What Bixby offers is really amazing You can use it to take a pictureof a landmark or product or anything else, and it will provideyou with information about that item Samsung said it wanted Bixby to controland interact with all the Samsung products like smart appliances wherein you canturn on your TV or washing machineby using Bixby How great is that? The S8 is water and dust resistantto IP68 standards which has become an essential feature You can use the phone for 30 minutesas deep as 1.

5 meters under water The S8 software is built onAndroid 7.

0 Nougat which functions at a highspeed and efficiency The icons are better, just slide upto open the applications You can now change changethe tool strip on the bottom as well as its color which is a great feature The S8 provides youwith many security tools First, the fingerprint scanner which isnow in the back near the camera I think its new place is great sinceI use my left hand more The scanner is now faster and more efficientthan before to unlock your phone The second tool is the iris scannerlike the Note 7 You can activate that featureas soon as you hold your phone to activate the iris scanner and unlockyour phone in the blink of an eye There is another tool which is the facerecognition feature to unlock your phone It is not as efficient as the iris scannerbecause you can outsmart it by taking a picture of anything, and the phonewill recognize it later Finally, Samsung DEX which is whatwe talked about in the beginning Yes, Samsung DEX will change yourphone into a computer All you will need is the DEX device, a screena keyboard, and a mouse Your phone will change to a computer The user's interface is very easy You can use your applications from hereand access your settings too Using social media from your desktopis an amazing experience indeed At the end, the S8 and S8 Plus phonesare among the best phones that you can find in the market Samsung is raising the bar againfor the other companies Samsung managed to offer a phonethat suits everyone by providing settings and featuresthat anyone can use But the S8's and S8 Plus' unique andamazing design is the most exciting factor in these phones To know the content of the S8and S8 Plus boxes click on the video on the right Don't forget to subscribe to our channelto receive all what is new in the world of technology I hope you enjoyed this review and am looking forward to seeing you againin another review from Axiom.

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