Samsung Galaxy S8 dan S8+ Review: Enerjik Futuristik

Samsung Galaxy S8 dan S8+ Review: Enerjik Futuristik

If you have to choose between Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, which phone will you choose? Well, I choose Galaxy S8.

You don’t have to be confused, here’s the review for you.

I am very interested and in love with Galaxy S8’s design cause it is very different than the other Samsung smartphones we have known.

The front part is very futuristic, just like from the future.

Most of the front part is the screen.

The left and right parts of it are sharply curved, plus the top and bottom edge is thin.

If compared to Galaxy S8+, its edge is more visible than S8’s.

Therefore, it does not look like it’s full Infinity Display.

The physical button that had been a signature of Samsung smartphone for years has been changed to 3D Touch button inside the screen.

This button is pretty cool, yet honestly; the vibrating sensation is not as dramatic as iPhone 7’s.

I call Galaxy S8 and S8+ as affordable smartphones.

Samsung successfully designed these 5.

8-inch and 6.

2-inch smartphones in compact body.

In Indonesia, Galaxy S8 comes in three color selections, which are black, grey and gold.

Black may become the most favorite color.

Yet, I personally prefer grey or gold since fingerprints will not be too obvious.

Well I love the front part of Galaxy S8, but no so much for the back part.

The design turns to be the same as the previous series.

Moreover, the location of the fingerprints sensor is not familiar, and there is only one main camera.

It is very unfortunate since we believe that this smartphone will be way cooler if equipped with two main cameras.

For your information, most of the back part of Galaxy S8 is glass.

So, you need to be more careful while using it.

Do not drop it for it will break.

Despite being protected by Gorilla Glass 5, both in the front and back parts, it will be safer to use extra protection.

Another thing you need to appreciate from Samsung is.

its success of designing futuristic, functional and waterproof smartphone.

Galaxy S8 still brings jack audio.

It even has iris sensor and face detector, and still has IP68 certificate of water and dustproof.

We plan to test its waterproof ability, but in a separated video.

The new design of Galaxy S8 is accompanied with a new and fresher user interface.

Samsung has updated icons in Galaxy S8.

The interface can show app drawer or not at all.

While pressing application icon for a few seconds, many options will be available.

Not to be missed, Samsung offers a lot of theme, font and icon pack selections.

In the home screen page, we can use a beautified wallpaper with motion or parallax effect.

The prime feature, such as Always-on-Display and Edge Screen are still available.

Always-on-Display is now able to load pictures, and not only 2D pictures or timepiece.

Meanwhile, Edge Screen feature can be used for a shortcut, just like what it is in Galaxy S7 edge.

Moreover, this feature can also be used for notifications.

If there’s a notification, the ledges will turn blue.

Besides, Samsung also offers several features that will ease the users, like one hand mode, multiwindow, plus Game Launcher and Game Tools.

Both Game applications can be used to take screenshot, record screen, deactivate edge screen or block notifications and incoming call.

Security-wise, Samsung successfully brings three biometric sensors at a time; fingerprint and iris sensors, and face detector.

The fingerprint sensor is actually quite fast, but the position is not that good.

The iris sensor seems better cause it is quite fast as well even in low light situation.

But, we need to make sure that the position and distance of our eye and the sensor are ideal.

Meanwhile, face detection is also pretty fast yet it can’t be used in low light.

Regarding UI, there is one thing we need to discuss; Bixby digital assistant.

Before Galaxy S8 officially launched, Bixby has been widely introduced.

However, up to now, Bixby is nothing compared to Google Assistant, Siri, or even Cortana.

The most useful feature from Bixby is its ability to recognize familiar things.

At the moment, Bixby has known several things by taking database from Pinterest.

In the future, Bixby may get smarter after Samsung launches its update of supporting voice commands.

Looking at Galaxy S8 and S8+’ screens are the most fun thing.

The maximum resolution of their Super AMOLED big screen is 2.

960 x 1.

440 pixel with 18:9 ratios.

However, the actual screen dimension can be changed to 1.

480 x 720 pixel or 2.

220 x 1.

080 pixel.

According to DisplayMate, the quality is claimed as the best one in the world.

Since 18:9 rations is the new trend, do not be surprised if a lot of applications have not appeared optimally, especially while playing game, the screen will not be full-screened.

While activating full screen mode, the view will automatically cut off.

While watching videos on Youtube, several contents support lengthwise ratio so that it will appear optimally when the video is set to full screen.

I personally do not find any problems whether the video can be set as full screen or not cause it is not disturbing me.

It is very unfortunate of the loudspeaker.

Supported by big and sharp screen, Galaxy S8 obviously will always be used to play games and stream video.

But Samsung does not really pay attention to the speaker.

Galaxy S8 only has mono speaker that produces great voice yet not that special.

It is very different from the dashing screen.

Fortunately, it is still ok cause Samsung provides the great AKG earphone.

In Indonesia, Galaxy S8 relies on CPU Exynos 8895, 2.

3 GHz and GPU Mali-G71MP20.

The AnTuTu score is slightly below Snapdragon 835 with 10 thousand points difference.

However, if it is used to play games, both will be equally smooth.

Yet for now, there are some games that do not fully support GPU Mali-G71, like Batman Telltale or Space Marshals 2.

Performance wise, you do not need to hesitate.

But in terms of battery, I think it is not very convincing cause the capacities are 3.

000 and 3.

500 mAh.

Yet in fact, the endurance of the battery is not disappointing.

Equipped with big screen resolution, great hardware and active 4G internet network, the screen-on-time for S8 and S8+ are not less than five hours.

On PCMark test, the battery endures up to ten hours.

Fast charging or wireless charging also supports the battery.

One main camera is one of the reasons why I do not want to buy Galaxy S8.

But at the end, I still buy it due to my curiosity.

The single camera is quadrilateral with 12 MP resolutions, f/1.


aperture, Dual Pixel technology and OIS.

Initially, I wonder why Samsung is still confident to release a single camera flagship in the era of dual-camera smartphone After trying it on, I understand why.

Actually, the main function of dual-camera.

are zoom mode and wide aperture or bokeh.

To be honest, zoom mode will be rarely used and not that useful.

On the other hand, when we talk about bokeh, we can already rely on f/1.


aperture to create blurry effect.

If you want a more dramatic result, you can use Selective Focus mode.

So, we think that Galaxy S8’s single camera is still enough.

the shutter speed and focus that are very fast.

The only downside is the character of the shocking colors in particular conditions, and it sometimes also gets too warm that it does not look natural.

Moving on to the front camera, the resolution is 8 MP.

It may not be the highest, yet since it is supported by f/1.

7 aperture and autofocus feature, you can depend on the front camera to produce great selfie.

Plus, there are cute effects to make the selfie even more attractive.

Samsung has made it to go out of its comfort zone.

The design of Galaxy S series, which get boring, has developed into something futuristic with energetic performance.

Even if compared to other flagship smartphones, the price of Galaxy S8 can still compete with others.

Luckily, Samsung does not equip S8 and S8+ with two rear cameras.

If they have two cameras, they will get even more perfect and leave the competitors behind.

Then, the competition will be too boring.

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