Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus A New Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus A New Review

As human beings we're always on the hunt for something new we're always travelling to get to better place All our decisions should allow us to become better versions of ourselves So, why should our smart phone choices be any different? They should have cutting edge technology All the new latest features and a great design My name is Bharat nagpal Today we're gonna be reviewing the new samsung Galaxy S8 and S8plus So let's get started It's 2017, a flagship phone has become really important and everyone defines a flagship phone differently For some people it's the most expensive phone, for some the best looking phone, for some the one that gives the best specifications.

And for some people it's the way they look at their phone and for the others it's the way others looking there phone.

With the Samsung S8 and S8+, Samsung has managed a really good mix of all of the above.

But, is it truly the right choice? So, while the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have come after the Note 7 they are completely re-designed phone If you consider the first S series phone from Samsung and now consider the 8th S series from Samsung A lot have has changed in term the design now we have gorilla glass 5 on the front as well as the back of the phones they've been designed to an all new look.

They look exceptionally great The new all display front, along with you all glass black, looks exceptional and everyone who I have shown this phone to, wants to hold it, wants to take look at it, wants to feel it in their hand and they've had only good things to say about both the S8 and S8+ Samsung may not have change the overall design of the phone but they have evolved the design completely and there was so much invested in the display on the front that they've relocated the fingerprint scanner from the front to the back.

It's in awkward position you're not gonna really enjoy it and they're expecting people to understand much like Apple by removing the headphone jack expected people to understand.

they've relocated the fingerprint sensor at the back Now you get a all glass front there is no physical button over at the front, you can press at the bottom edge of the phone to get a home button feel.

it vibrates, it gives you good feeling, you get used to it really quickly they've also invested heavly in a virtual assitant called bixby to work so they shot of gonna force to people and expect them so much so they given it an independent button which sits on the left earlier you could remap it you can't do that any more Samsung themselves blocked it.

Personally, it should be a choice of the consumer.

But, I'm sure they have their reasons, they really want to bixby to work so they're sort of gonna force it on to people and expect them to use it because their is a physical button that you can tap on and pull out bixby The other things in bixby are also almost half baked.

The bixby vision does work but it doesn't give you shopping results as would in the US You can use to identify things.

But, that's about it.

If you do press the bixby button you do get a set of cards that will become more and more important as per your usage But, then again its something that google already does with the google assistant Interestingly enough, Samsung has made the phone incredibly thin.

The S8 And the S8+ both are really comfortable in the hand, they feel really sleek, they are really sleek, they are really slim But, they've managed to keep the 3.

5mm headphone jack on the bottom which apple said is to thick to put in thin phones Samsung has managed to do both, get a really nice design get a 3.

5 mm jack at the bottom and managed get IP68 water proofing on this phone as well which as we know we tested in the past and we're gonna test today as well turns out to be really good deal for lot of people who buy this phone The S8 and S8 + have one of the most unique designs this year and despite that they're also IP68 water resistant Now, if you're a video person like us, you will be happy to know you can start capturing video before you place the phone under the water and its continuous to record under water and it does fairly good job of it.

So, with the S8 and S8 + they have launched it between 57 – 65000 rupees which is a pretty decent pricing Considering that they have all the features, everything in the both phones.

And if you looking for larger screen and larger battery You can go for the S8 + and if you want a smaller screen, you don't wanna spend that much money which you do get a smaller battery, you can simply get the S8 which in it self is a pretty fantastic phone.

Both the phones are identical in fact we shooting in this S8 while i have S8 + in my hand right now Even though the design of S8 and S8+ makes them slippery, gaming on the phone is a breeze you'll find black bars on either side of the game because most game developer have not adjusted to this aspect ratio.

The Exynos chipset can handle mostly anything that you throw at them and day to day performance its pretty impressive.

While running benchmarks you will find that the S8 and S8+ even though are supposed to be identical.

Samsung seems to have under- clocked the S8 to possibly save a little bit of battery life Samsung is also made several important changes UX and you'll truly start to enjoy them once you using the phone The user interface is light weight and doesn't affect the usage of Android in any way You still get some of the things has done in the past and even though multi- window is the feature of Android Nougat now, Samsung was one of the first implement it.

You'll also enjoy things like the iris unlock and the way it is inbuilt into the system.

And if you don't want a really secure unlock the face unlock is one of the fastest ways to unlock your phone Things like the camera user interface is also pretty impressive and you have new filters that allow you to add stickers much like SnapChat on to your face before you click or picture or a video One of the best things for S7 and S7 edge last year were the cameras.

So much so the Samsung hasn't updated them too much They've changed around the sensor little bit, tweaked around with the performance of the image processing thanks to new chipset that they have in there But, more or less the cameras are the same What's Good about that is the camera was not bad to begin with.

So they are excellent cameras specially if you are doing photography Specially if you are on the go and you have wide horizons, lots of light and a lot of colour to differentiate between.

The HDR is fantastic.

You can leave it in auto HDR to get some of this great cloudshots that we have Another good thing about the camera of the S8 and S8 plus is that you get a lot of shooting modes including the pro mode that allows you to get whole lot of control on your shooting capability.

If you clicking picture you want the right colour, the right shutter, right aperture if you know all of those things You can really delve into it.

Fro example, we're walking out here we are shooting on S8 while I have the S8+ in my hand and we got pro setting on So all in all if you are really keeping the package in tact.

If you doing lot of photography this is one of the best phones That you can get.

Samsung has also played it safe with the S8 and S8+ While LG still managed to put in two camera sensor one for telephoto, one for wide while with Samsung you have to remain in wide at most times a little bit digital zoom will not hurt you The camera in it self if you doing run an gun photography.

If really you like just clicking the pictures posting them online this is again I said this is the one of the best phone which you can get because its less hassle, less trouble for just getting that perfect shot So, not only is the pro mode for photography on the S8 and S8+ pretty fantastic it aslo allows to capture video using same pro mode.

So you continue to get control over your shutter, over your white balance, your ISO all of those things What's also interesting is that if you are capturing video you may not get a third party microphone Like we do all times so you can simply listen to the audio on S8 which is recording right now And you'll start to see the audio is pretty fantastic you do get lot more ambient so you can hear the birds You can probably hear our foot steps But it's still pretty amazing audio as far as on board mics are concern If you are considering getting either the S8 or the S8+.

The S8+ definitely turns out to be better bet specially considering the battery On average you should last through whole day of battery.

But, if you are travelling like we are right now I found my self connecting the S8+ even to the charger quite a few times a which can turn out to be problem If you don't have a usb port handy or if you don't have a charging port handy.

But, what is good is, that takes only a couple of hours to fully charge the device.

Where as it only takes a few minutes to get about 50% of the battery So if you're charging the S8+ it takes about 35 to 40 minutes to get about 50% charge on the phone And if you charging the S8 the charge time is lesser so you can keep those factor in mind but on an average they should last you a whole day The quality of phone calls along with the network performance on the Galaxy S8 and S8 + is good as well You can use two sim cards or expand the storage by using one sim or one micro sd card which can be up to 256GB microSD card Samsung may have launched two interesting phone in India.

They might be the best phones this year As far as atleast the Android eco system is concerned.

We still have a lot more phones to come down the line.

But the S8 and S8+ They've got the latest chipsets, in India, the Exynos chipset, overseas the 835 which are Qualcomm Chipsets We found the Exynos chipset to be quite reliable as far as performance is concerned it's right up there with the 835, it does heat up while recording video a little bit but, it's bearable and it does not affect the phone in anyway Battery life could been a little better.

they've done some interesting changes to the design, ofcourse everyone is aware of it wider displays a flush camera at the back I'm not fan of the fingerprint sensor in fact I don't use it at all I started using The face unlock because i don't t have thing secure on my phone But, a lot of people will like using iris unlock as well as you get completely used to the physical home button so you now activate the screen instead the looking for the power button you activate it using physical home button which, all of these things start to grow on you One thing I don't like at all is the bixby button.

The dedicated bixby button One reason is that bixby is not active right now atleast until samsung does launch bixby and even then a lot of people may not want it.

So, it's a button thats sits on your phone thats you're never gonna use they are the most beautiful phones they are eye candy, everywhere I've gone, people have asked me about them, people have looked at them people have wanted to hold them that definitely makes it important for lot of people specially in India who want to buy these phones to be able to show them off, to be able to flaunt, the fact their holding flagship phone For a lot of other people just owning a beautiful smart phone and using it for the next year or two is an important aspect All in all the S8 and S8 plus are pretty complete they are expensive definitely at least 10 to 12 thousand rupees more expensive den the US market But that is usually the case with every smart phone ever and we have to just used to them at least for flagships the prices are gonna remain like this Despite the fact Samsung claims that they manufacture these phones in India.

The pricing seems still high and I truly do not understand that While there may be a lot of phones LG, HTC from google even the Pixel 2 is gonna come out , The Xiaomi Mix is interesting phone to look at.

As they were the first to show a really wide screen to body ratio over 80% The S8 is a good example how of phone should evolve and it truly makes it an interesting phone to purchase and own and it definitely makes it a worth while phone if you are looking out a new flagship atleast in 2017 like I said the year is still fresh and lot more phones are about to come out but this definitely has set a benchmark for long as aesthetic design is concerned the S8 and S8+ are true winners, as far as performance is concerned the S8 and S8+ are true winners, as far as camera is concerned the S8 and S8+ are true winners.

So, in our book the S8 and S8+ are definitely worthy purchases If you are looking out for a new Smartphone.

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