Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Hands on Review: Vlogging Style

Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Hands on Review: Vlogging Style

Hey! What's up guys! Pallab here from NothingWired.


Today, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and hopefully the S7 Edge will get launched.

We're planning todo this launch videos slightly differently.

Instead of focussing totally on the phoneitself, we're trying to cover the whole launch event as well, slightly Vlogging style.

So,the cab is waiting and we're just gonna cover what's there in for the S7 and the S7 Edge.

Stay with us.

So, the S7 was priced, I think close to about $699 and S7 Edge was $799, you would get it for $28 and $33 for a 2-year contract.

We do not know the price here exactly but if you translate that in India prices, I think that comes close to about 50000 for the S7 and about 55000 for the S7 Edge.

We are about to enter the venue.

I like this presentation style, the VR is definitely coming along.

So liked the presentation.

So now youknow the dates, March 18th.

S7 for just over INR 48000 and S7 Edge for just INR 56900.

It is a steep price but of course, those are the flagships you know.

We are going to the demo zone so, probably we'll have a close up look at both these devices.

Also, the greatnews is that if you pre-order before 17th March, you get the Galaxy VR free with eitherof these devices.

Now, when you add the cost of that, I don't know the cost but I assumethat it'll be close to about 9000 Indian Rupees, when you add that cost, then things get little more interesting.

So there's the demo zone.

What do we have here, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge.

First, we have all these accessories, so you see that wireless charger, they all supportfast charging, this wireless charger, this one supports Quick Charging 2.


So apparently about 60 per cent battery in 30 minutes, that's what they claim.

These ones are dot view covers.

And that's the Galaxy VR, then of course, we have seen that the Note 5 as well, keyboards.

They work with both: the S7 and the S7 Edge.

Some of those accessories you can see here.

Let's quickly move on to the phones now.

So there, as you must have seen in the presentation, we get the dual SIM version but its a Hybrid SIM tray.

So, if you want to use the microSD card here, which by the way supports up to maximum 200GB, you have to forgo the 2nd SIM, there see the Nano SIM or the micro SD card.

Then, I think possibly, so that's how IP68 works.

The spec sheet says that you can keep it under up to 1.

5 metre of water formaximum 30 minutes but more likely it'll save you from rain and probably just a splash of mud but not much.

So, that's the S7, so probably can go down here [Sorry, I hope I didn't break the glass].

Apparently, it can stay there for about 30 minutes but a thing to note here is that even the spec sheet says that once it's wet you cannot use the screen of thisdevice unlike some of the Sony Xperia devices.

But I seem to be able to use the device atleast the home screen is working here.

But probably, it's not that wet.


So, it's partially working, you can see.

That's a good news! So , it's not that the screen is totally non-responsive, I can still work something on it, But I guess when it's inside water, at that time the screen gets totally non-responsive.

So that's the S7 and the S7 Edge, now thisone is priced at just under INR 49000 and just under INR57000.

This one is the biggerone of both with 5.

5-inch screen.

This one has a 5.

1-inch screen.

Now both have 2K resolution,5MP front camera, 12MP back camera and almost all the spec sheet are same.

Now, rememberin India, we get the Exynos version, the Exynos 8890 chipset, both have 4GB version.

Thisone is slightly thinner than the S7, just a tad bit thinner and tad bit heavier, because ofthe bigger battery.

This one has a 3000mAh battery, 3600mAh battery.

Let's take a close look at both the phones now.

Finally managed to get the phones out in the natural light, so I can show you the phone better.

First we'll talk about the hardware, that's theS7 and that's the S7 Edge.

We'll come to the S7 Edge in a bit.

We have a 5.

1 screen asopposed to the 5.

5-inch screen here.

Both 2K resolution, as I told you before.

A GorillaGlass 4 protection, both on the front as well as on the back, out here.

They look a greatdeal like the Note 5 rather than the S6.

So, you have same metal ring here, which is exquisite, very good matte finish and then glass on both sides, so that way it's like the S6.

Because S6 wasthe first device to come up with that, but you have this curved back to hold the phonebetter.

That comes from the Note 5G.

You've a 5MP front camera and then a 12MP back camera.

Now, know that the previous Galaxy S had 16MP camera, this one has 12MP, they've trimmeddown the resolution because they made the pixels bigger, 1.

4 microns.

It also a slightly igger sensor size:1/2.

6 inch and the same 1.

7 aperture, very fast aperture, both onthe back as well as the front camera, on both these devices.

Now, it also has what Samsungcalls a Dual Pixel technology, that's part of PDAF [phase detection autofocus system],you might know that Canon 70D had a Dual Pixel technology, what it does is that all the pixelsin the sensor have two diodes on both the sides.

One diode is used to take up the light,so before both the diodes were used to take up the light but now each pixel has one diodethat takes up the light and another diode that autofocus.

So, hundred percent of thepixel also help in autofocus, that makes the whole autofocus system very very fast.

We'llprobably explain it in a later video.

But this one should be extremely fast.

We're gonnatest that.

And then ,you have sensors and the LED flash, very nice, very premium body.

Now, when you talk about the use interface, it comes with Marshmallow out-of-the-box.

You see we have the settings out there and then the About Device, software info.

Thisis 6.


1 and then we have Storage.

This comes in 32 and 64GB variants but as I told youbefore the micro SD cards supports up to max.

of 200GB.

So, it has a brand new trimmed downTouchWiz, but still you get all Samsung look, there is no escaping the Samsung look andit's bone deep into the stock Android.

So, you have the usual Samsung in-house apps,the Google Android apps, some of the third party apps as well, that you cannot exactly uninstall but you can disable always.

Let's go ahead and check out the camera.

It's very, very fast.

S6 camera was one of the best in the market and I don't expect anything lessfrom the S7 camera.

Already, it's been getting rave reviews.

At 12MP, you can see 4:3 AspectRatio and at 16:9, you have to come down to 9.


That's a disappointment for me becausethe sensor is not a wide angle sensor.

Here are some of the other settings, around here.


video size is the same UHD.

So, that's about the S7, the S7 Edge basically has thesame specifications, only it has a bigger 5.

5-inch screen.

You can see the edges aroundhere, that makes the phone slightly thinner and this one has a bigger battery, 3600mAh battery.

But what really interests me are these new Edge screens.

So you now have an pp Edge, you have a Task Edge, that's really, really important, You can have your hot task or your favourite tasks here.

You can just swipe and go to a particular task.

And you also have People Edge, thatwas before as well and then you also have the news scrolling in.

So, if you are, let'ssay travelling somewhere, you just wanna use this phone, you can just go scrolling there.

Kim Kardashian.

Not bad! Kim Kardashian's naked photos ahead of Woman Day.

Not bad tostart the day with, anyway.

So, apps and all stay almost the same.

So, while you had yourfirst look at the S7 and the S7 Edge, probably I'll make some more videos like benchmarkand gaming tests, if the time permits, you can check that on the dedicated videos.

Butthat was the first look at the S7 and the S7 Edge, they look great but I'll give youmy first thoughts, my first impressions, pros & cons, just a little later.

But you know, at the end of the day, you gotta make a decision of buying or not buying the phone, so, let'stalk about some of the pros and cons of the S7 and the S7 Edge.

Pros: 1.

and my personal favourite is the PDAF, what Samsung calls as Dual Pixel Autofocus System, its crazyaccurate, its crazy fast and I think it kind of matches the Canon 70D's metal.

I'm serious about it.


is that they've increased the battery life or the battery at least, 3000mAh for the S7, 3600mAh for the S7 Edge.

Well, that's not class leading but you also have Quick Charging 2.

0, so that's gonna help immensely.


is that the phones now got IP68 certification, so little bit of rain, little bit of dust is not gonna harm yourphone.


This is something new, Samsung has done great improvement to their overallafter sales services, you've now got door-to-door after sales services.

They'll pick it up fromyour phone, if needed.

And also, other things like, you can live chat, straight with theSamsung support guys.

So that's immense help in building an ecosystem.

And, this one is for the S7 Edge, now the Edge screen has much more options then before, now finally it has become usable.

Of course, there are not without any Cons.

I think the first on would be the price.

Definitely, they are expensive at just under 49000 and 57000, they are, ofcourse they are flagship, but now there are lot of phones that provide very good specsat less than one third of the price.

Considering that still I think Samsung has kept the price,slightly on the pricier side.


They are metal and glass, so they are fingerprint magnet all over.

After all, the design and build quality hasn't changed much from the S6 andmany journalists have spoken about this during the MWC launch as well.

And that's why theG5 got slightly more attention from the journalists than the S7.

Because the S7 and S7 Edge, theyare still brilliant phone because the S6 and S6 Edge were, but the design hadn't changedmuch.

So they are typically refined version of the S6 and the S6 Edge.

So, if you do notlike those phones than probably you won't like these.

So those are the Pros & Cons,now, you have to decide after all.

In India, we are very price sensitive, so after allthe price, obviously will play a key factor.

But these are some of the best phones in themarket and specifically, I think the camera is class leading.


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