Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Review

Hey guys it's Josh hereWelcome to another video Today we looking at the Samsung Galaxy S7In fact i'm recording this on it right now.

And no we not doing a tech review, there'sso many good videos out there if you wanna get into the technicalities and specificationsof this phone.

I just want to talk to you about the practicalitiesof the best camera is the camera that you have.

And so, before you go out and buy, some fancypiece of equipment, which there are some really great cameras out there.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has probably the bestsmartphone camera on the market and so in this video I'm just going to show you someof the cool video er photos that you can take with this device and you can decide for yourself.

Awesome, so this first shot is shot usingthe slow motion function which is built in with the phone.

it puts it in 120 frames per second, so youcan get these awesome cinematic slow mo shots.

I'm super stoked with how this came out andsure you will be to if you get creative with what you can do with this phone.

Next up, this was one of my first photos Itook with this phone testing the depth of field and another one of a butcher bird.

This next one is one of my absolute favourites,it was a awesome sunset that we took from one of the beaches in Cape Town.

Ok so maybe you wanna get a little more advancedand do some long exposure options, you've got that by using the pro feature built intothe Samsung camera app and so this photo I took on Table Mountain at night, the secondone is of another YouTuber Nic Red, ill leave his details in the description below.

And maybe you wanna take a time lapse likegood old Casey Neistat, which is made so famous in all the vlogs.

You can do that too with the Samsung galaxyS7.

so, i found this to be the most versatile camera I have and I've got some cool equipment,but i spend a lot of my time shooting on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Hey guys, thanks so much for watching thisvideo.

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Thanks guys stay awesome, see you in the nextone.

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