Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review!

It's been a couple of months since we gotthe Samsung Galaxy S7 and you knew it was coming.

We now have this, the Samsung GalaxyS7 Active.

It's more rugged.

It's built for dirt and water and to be dropped.

We're goingto have a lot of fun with this.

I'm Phil with Android Central.

Let's go take a look.

Let's talk about the physical design of this.

On the front it's pretty normal.

You've gotyour big 5.

1 inch display, not the biggest display out there.

It's still really goodthough, especially for a phone like this that you're going to be using outdoors a lot.

Thescreen is still really, really good in direct sunlight.

The big change on the front is we have physical buttons, three in a row, instead of just aphysical home button.

You still have multi-tasking on the left.

You still have your back buttonon the right and the home button is still in the middle only now all three of them arephysical buttons that you will physically depress.

Another big change for the active line is that the home button is now a fingerprintsensor.

We've enjoyed that on the GS7, the GS6 and the Note 5, phones for a while now.

Other than that there's not a whole lot different on the front.

On the back you can see it's all one piece, no glass back on this.

Right? The idea isit's going to be rugged.

We have this sort of soft touch plastic casing around the wholething.

The corners are much more rounded.

They're really no sharp edges on the backof this phone.

It's no removable.

The battery is still stuck in there but it is a larger4000 milliamp hours now so that's good to see.

Let's talk about the camera for a minute.

This is still one of the best cameras youwill find on any smartphone anywhere.

It's got a 12 megapixel sensor on the back andit's really really good in low light thanks to Optical Image Stabilization and all thepost processing that Samsung does.

The camera is essentially the exact same camera thatwe have on the Galaxy S7.

That means a couple of things.

One, it's really really good.

Two,it's really really good so don't worry about that too much.

This is probably the best camerayou can buy today and now it has this built in rugged housing.

Got a whole bunch of modesthat you can walk through including full manual mode which they call "PRO.

" You've got selectivefocus, panorama, video collages, live broadcasting through YouTube if you want to do that, slowmotion, virtual shot, food mode, hyper-lapse, aqua mode for underwater because, again, thisphone is meant to be used under water.

You can geo-tag everything and sports modes andyou can download more from Samsung.

There's just a whole lot going on.

You still have the heart rate monitor back here as well.

I've never used it but if youwant it, it's there.

A couple of other changes here.

Up top we've got the 3.

5 millimeterheadphone jack but the SIM tray has moved to the side.

You will find it just below thepower button.

You use a SIM tray tool, just one of those paperclip-looking things to openit.

No more prying it open with your fingernail.

The power button is here as well.

It's flat,no texture there but it's easy enough to reach and you know exactly where it is.

The otherside has your basic up-down volume rocker.

It's long button and pretty easy to figureout.

Right above that though, you have what theycall the active button.

If you push the activity button once, you get this activity zone whichgives you a whole bunch of interesting things if you're out being active.

You've got a shortcutto the weather.

You've got a barometer so it gives you elevation and pressure.

If youtap it, it gives you even more details on that.

You have S-Health, which we have notlaunched yet, but this is Samsung's Health Ecosystem for all of it's apps and accessories.

You have a compass so we can tell which way we're going.

We're pointed almost due northright now.

You've got a flashlight on here as well that you can turn on and off.

Obviouslyit will do a little more for you at night than it does during the day.

Then we also have different settings for the active key so if you don't want the activekey to actually launch the activity zone, you can set it up to run any other of yourapplications that you want.

You can even use it while the screen is locked.

If you justwant quick access to it, turn that on.

A quick double press will open up some SOS settings.

You can quickly call 911 or send an emergency text message to a contact that you've designated.

Kind of a cool thing to have assuming your fingers still work while you're out beingactive in an emergency.

Let's talk about water-resistance for a second.

The Galaxy S7, if you remember, is rated for IP68.

That means dust and water.

Dust we tendto not worry about too much.

Water you're good for a meter of depth for about 30 minutes.

The Galaxy S7 Active, despite this rugged exterior, is actually rated the exact sameway.

They're saying five feet for 30 minutes.

That's maybe a tiny bit more than a meterbut that's close enough for our purposes.

It's really no more water resistant than that.

For my money, I wouldn't just go around dunking this all the time just because I can but,if it does get wet, you're probably going to be okay.

If you do happen to drop it ina pool or a toilet or whatever, it should come out all right so long as you notice itfairly quickly.

Software-wise this is very very much exactlywhat we've seen from Samsung throughout the year.

It's running Android 6 Marshmallow asyou would expect.

It's running Touch-Wiz and it has a whole bunch of AT&T stuff on it.

We've written about this a couple times already with the GS7, with another manufacturer phone,AT&T has bloatware out the wazoo in this.

You will immediately some direct TV stuffwhen you fire it up.

We really wish they would do something about that but, the only savinggrace there is, this is an AT&T exclusive phone so you're not going to see that anywhereelse at this point.

Touch-Wiz is exactly the same.

You still have your standard home screenand your standard apps launcher, your apps draw.

There's a huge AT&T folder with thingslike Device Help and MY AT&T and Smart Limits and AT&T Protect Plus and Caller Name ID andLook Out is pre-installed, AT&T Locker.

Uber's on there whether you want it or not.

DriveMode, Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Setup and Transfer, Plenti, Remote and Yellow Pages.

A whole bunchof AT&T bloatware.

You've got a Google folder so you'll haveall your Google apps.

You'll have a Samsung folder with all your Samsung apps, AndroidPay, A gallery, Messages, Direct TV.

Did we mention Direct TV? This thing is full of DirectTV.

It's all over the place.

You're still free to put whatever software and launcheron there that you want of course.

Frankly, you really should do that.

Do something tothis home screen.

Don't just leave it the way that Samsung and AT&T have given it toyou.

It's probably the most important thing you can do with this phone.

Let's talk storage.

Like the GS7, this is a 32 gigabyte standard device.

Out of that,you've got about 22 gigabytes usable to you for things like files and pictures and musicor whatever.

The storage itself is already eaten up a little bit by the ROM by everythingAT&T has put on it, by all of Samsung's stuff and so you actually only have about 12 gigabytesof that left over to use.

As far as the battery goes, we've got a 4000milliamp hour battery in this.

Anyone who knows anything knows that's a good bit morethan what's in the Galaxy S7.

You are absolutely going to be able to get through an entireday out of this, probably a day plus.

That's about what I've been seeing after a few daysof use.

What it really comes down to for me is "Get me through most of that one day ifnot all of it.

" Samsung's fast charging takes care of the rest.

If I do need to charge upat some point during the day, I can do that.

It's not a huge deal but a 4000 milliamp hourbattery really alleviates most of those concerns for me.

Samsung's done a really good job gettinga larger battery into this phone.

Samsung's game launcher is still here as well.

This gives you quick shortcuts to whatever games you might have installed and suggestsgames you might want to install.

They're also some tools here so you can turn off alertsduring the games, lock your recent and back keys so you don't accidentally exit out ofthe game while you're playing it.

You can minimize the game.

You can take a screenshotand easily record your game.

Right now, let's just play a game.

We've done some of the basic torture tests that you would expect with a phone like this.

We've dropped it in the water.

We've had it half-buried in sand.

We've dropped it ontoconcrete.

I don't think we did anything that you would call outside the specs of what they'vebuilt this phone for.

How's it held up? Well a little interesting.

As you've seen, we'vegot some sand stuck in the cracks a little bit in that crevasse between the display andthe body.

We have a whole bunch of scuffs on the back.

We have some scuffs on the displaybut the display did not shatter.

That's part of what they're selling you here is sort ofa shatter-proof display.

This phone is definitely not in the best shape it could be but it stillworks, it's still alive and it's not like you're going to go around throwing your phoneonto the ground or into the water or into the sand on purpose.

That's not the idea here.

The idea here is that you just don't have to baby it.

How did it hold up? I think, inthat respect, pretty well.


Don't over-think this phone too much.

It's a Galaxy S7 just more "Active.

" It's got a more bulky exterior.

It comes in camouflagenow which is great.

It's mostly a pretty good feel.

It's still comfortable to hold and itshould stand up to drops better than a normal Galaxy S7 would.

Obviously, we got sand inours somehow.

You're going to want to watch out for that.

You're not going to want tojust let it live underwater.

It's no more water resistant than the normal Galaxy S7.

If you're not on AT&T it's all moot anyway.

This is an AT&T exclusive with tons of DirectTV bloatware.

But, if you want something that's just a little more rugged on AT&T than thenormal Galaxy S7, it's worth taking a look at.

That's it for us.

See you later.

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