Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update Review!

What is up guys? Muwen360 is back with anothervideo.

This time we are reviewing the Android 6.


1 Marshmallow update for the Samsung GalaxyNote 5.

I just got it on my UAE variant but I believe Most of the Note 5 models includingthose on the various carriers in the states various carrier had received the update alreadyearlier this month.

The update was about 1.

5 GB in size and installed pretty quickly tookme about 20 minutes to complete the whole process.

And the update did breathe in somemuch needed fresh air to the Note.

Right off the bat, you can go to the system settings,about device, software info and you can see Android version 6.


1 and with it is the mostup-to-date March 1st Android security patch.

Tapping the version number activates the newEaster Egg for Marshmallow.

And we can play the all new flappy bird game now completewith marshmallows.

The biggest change you’ll notice is definitely in the visuals.

Samsungupdated its to look much more modern.

You get a nice white background when you pullthe notifications bar down.

And more fluid transitions are embedded within this versionof Android.

For instance, you get a smooth transition and when you open and close tomake the experience less abrupt.

Slick transitions are now everywhere in the operating system.

You can see them when you open the app drawer, sliding down the notification bar, and launchingyour recent apps.

Many of the system apps are updated also to reflect the marshmallow.

Samsung did bundle in new apps with the update.

And they are 3 microsoft apps – exel, powerpoint,and word.

Fortunately, they can be turned off you easily if you don’t plan on usingthem.

And of course the hallmark feature of Android Marshmallow is Google Now on Tap.

It’s a great feature because with Now on tap, you can get quick information withoutleaving the app you're using by holding the Home button.

This asks Google to use what'son your screen to show you related details, apps, and actions.

So for example if I goto one of my hangouts conversations and hold the home button.

It looks like it’s a screenshotbut it’s simply recording everything on the screen.

And Now on Tap gave us all relevantresults because we were discussing the Republican debate it makes sense for Google to spit backsome of the candidates involved like Donald Trump and you can easily follow him on socialmedia to search him in-depth on Google.

So that’s how On Tap works and the more youuse it, the more you’ll like it and find it resourceful.

The next major feature isthe granular app permissions.

Now you can deny or allow specific permissions on an app-by-appbasis by going to the settings, applications, application manager which allows you to seethe full list of apps.

Let’s use Snapchat as an example.

Tap on permissions to see thepermissions Snapchat is getting.

If you really don’t want Snapchat to access you messages,just deny the SMS permission like that.

Tap it again if you want Snapchat to have thatpermission again.

That’s really about for this video.

All in all, a fantastic updatefor the Galaxy Note 5 to really make it just as new as the Galaxy S7 and all of the changesand additions are extremely welcomed in my opinion.

So if you are Galaxy Note 5 owner,definitely consider heading over to your settings to grab the update.

What do you guys thinkabout Android Marshmallow? Has your phone received the Marshmallow update? I would loveto hear from you in the comments section down below.

Thank you for watching and I’ll seeyou shortly.

Take care.

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