Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 unboxing & review!

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 unboxing & review!

Hey guys, Andru Edwards here editor-in-chiefof GearLive.

Com Today, we're gonna be giving you a look atthe Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 smartphone.

6 inches of screen size, stay tuned.

Hey guys, Andru Edwards here editor-in-chiefof GearLive.

Com and Amazon VJ.

And as I said we're opening up the SamsungGalaxy Mega 2 This is a phablet, a 6 inch display and abunch of changes made to the last year's Samsung Galaxy Mega So let's give you a tour right now of what'sin the box.

This will be pretty easy, because there is not much to it.

There is the smartphone, let's put that asidefor just a moment.

Got some written documentation here, thenon the inside you simply got the microUSB charging cable and the AC adapter.

That's it as far as what comes inside thepackage.

So let's focus now on the actual Samsung GalaxyMega 2.

So building on the success of the originalSamsung Galaxy Mega, The Galaxy Mega 2 adds a bunch of feature to make it more refinedand more powerful.

On the inside it's got a quad core processor.

The display is 6-inches from corner to corner.

That's pretty much one of the biggest smartphones you are gonna find out there.

Interesting feature that it has include aone handed smart mode where you can pretty much drag the entire display area into a smallerarea so that you can access the entire thing on with one thumb regardless of which handyou're gonna use.

It's got an 8 megapixel camera.

Here on theback you've got the LED flash.

8 megapixel camera with 4X zoom, that's a digital zoom.

Then up on front you have got a 2 Megapixelfront facing camera there.

It ships with Android 4.

4 Kit Kat and as partof that it has multi-window productivity built-in which means you can have, let's just say,for example, you can split the screen in two and have a web browser on top and then a PDFreader on the bottom.

Let's say you are looking at a restaurant website and the menu is aPDF.

Open that pdf on the bottom half, you can do both at the same time.

The phone also has a private mode that allowsyou to store your files in a private area that's password protected so that only youcan get to them.

The camera also records in 1080p at 30 frames per second.

And it has got something called an interruption-freeexperience.

What that means is when you're watching avideo or browsing the web, texting, making a phone call, you can avoid interruptionsfrom pop-ups and notifications as it will display a small transparent pop-up window.

So if you're getting a call while watching a video for example, a transparent pop-upwill appear and you can take the call from there or you can just, it will disappear andit won't get in the way of your viewing experience.

You've got your home button there on the bottom,earpiece on top, there is a camera.

On the top of the device you've got the headphonejack.

On the bottom we've got a microUSB port Left hand side is gonna be your volume rockerand on the right is the power button.

Of course, you can open it up on back.

If you want toget yourself an extra battery you can swap those out when you are on the go.

And there you have it guys, that was yourlook at the Samsung Galaxy Mega 2, follow up to last year's Galaxy Mega phablet.

Again 6 inches, huge display, um, but as faras pricing goes, this one is actually $149.

99 with a 2-year contract which is about 50 dollarsless than most of the flagships smartphones out there.

So if you want something with abigger display without the big hit to the pocketbook, check it out, Samsung Galaxy Mega2 available now from AT&T.

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