Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime: Unboxing and Review

Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime: Unboxing and Review

Hi guys! Today we have an unboxing of Samsung GalaxyJ3 Prime.

It’s odd, but despite the internationalpopularity of last year’s low to mid-end Galaxy J smartphone family, Samsung is holding off the launch of 2017 J3, J5 and J7 editions.

Meanwhile, more and more US carriers are welcominga lightly revised Galaxy J3 (2016) variant, dubbed J3 Emerge at Sprint and Boost Mobile,Amp Prime 2 for Cricket, and now Galaxy J3 Prime if you buy it from T-Mobile or MetroPCS.

We have Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime for unboxingand first review from MetroPCS.

The box has an image of smartphone and modelname, as well as US carrier at the bottom.

On the side we see main technical specificationsand what’s inside: phone itself, battery, SIM card, Charger with USB data cable, quickstart guide, product safety, and warraty information.

The J3 Prime appears to be a rebranded GalaxyJ3 Emerge (launched earlier this year via Sprint and its prepaid brands).

However, the smartphone offered by T-Mobileand MetroPCS has a couple of advantages over Sprint's J3 Emerge: it's cheaper and runsAndroid 7 Nougat (instead of Android Marshmallow).

If you're buying the Samsung Galaxy J3 Primefrom T-Mobile you can get it for $150 outright or $6 per month (for $24 months) and $6 upfront.

At MetroPCS, the new phone can be purchasedfor just $69.

99 (discounted from $139.

99), no contract required.

So, what’s the 5-incher’s correct valuation? Probably not $150, considering what you canget from rival OEMs these days, and how Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime only features 1.

5GB RAM, 2600mAhbattery capacity, a 5MP autofocus rear-facing camera, and 2MP selfie shooter.

The compact display, of course, sports 1280x 720, aka HD, resolution with a mystery quad-core 1.

4GHz processor (Snapdragon 425?)under the hood, alongside 16GB native storage space, 4G LTE connectivity, and microSD support.

Last, but certainly not least, the SamsungGalaxy J3 Prime runs Android 7.

0 Nougat on the software side of things, which may wellbe its strongest suit and key selling point.

Now, we suggest you look at the quality ofphotos and videos, of Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime.

Recall that smartphone has 5-megapixels rearcamera and 2-megapixels front camera.

What do we think about the smartphone? It is a good smartphone, but not for $ 150.

Now you can order more interesting smartphonesfrom China.

However, if you do not need high performance,then Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime will be a good option.

It has a stylish design and the latest versionof Android.

Of course, this option is only for US residents.

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