Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Hands-on Indonesia

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Hands-on Indonesia

Hi guys.

We couldn’t present you our Galaxy C9 Pro video review since we hadn’t had much time trying it out.

However, since many of you have requested, Hopefully this hands-on video will help you with your curiosity.

check this out! In the last one month, keyword for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has increased significantly.

It is because Galaxy C9 Pro has been released officially and sold in Indonesia.

There are several factors that bring curiosity out of many people.

First of all, let’s take a look at what’s inside its package.

There are manual book, SIM card ejector, earphone, fast charger, data cable and USB C to microUSB adapter.

Back to the smartphone, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has a big 6-inch screen.

The body is fully made of aluminum with several color selections, which are gold, pink gold and black.

As always, we choose black as our favorite color.

The black color has matte finishing.

Besides looking macho, the matte finishing makes fingerprints leave easily.

Inspite of the big body, Galaxy C9 Pro is actually quite thin that its thickness is only 6.

9 mm.

If you notice the left and right sides of the back body, there is a curve that makes the handling feels very comfortable.

In this back part, you can also find six string antenna that makes it stronger to catch signal.

In the front side, there is a physical Home button.

It’s precisely in the bottom part.

As always, this button is also used for fingerprints sensor.

Just like other Samsung smartphones, Galaxy C9 Pro’s 6-inch screen is made of Super AMOLED panel, and the resolution is Full HD.

The screen looks sharp and colorful.

Well, it suits Super AMOLED panel’s signature that we have known all this time.

To us, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro has its own charm, especially for those who are already familiar with Samsung smartphones.

The processor is not Exynos.

This is the highest middle class processor from Qualcomm that has 8 core processor with 1,95 GHz and GPU Adreno 510.

Plus, it is supported by fast charging battery of 4.

000 mAh.

For your information, the combination of this hardware earns 90 thousand points, on AnTuTu Benchmark.

Aside of the processor, another thing that we think is quite insane is the RAM usage that has 6 GB capacities! Yes, Galaxy C9 Pro is a Samsung smartphone that has the highest RAM capacity today.

This RAM capacity is also accompanied by huge storage of 64 GB, that can still be expanded to 256 GB, through microSD dedicated slot.

This big of RAM and storage of course will be useful for multitasking; for instance, browsing, video streaming and gaming.

Speaking of video streaming and gaming, Galaxy C9 Pro is equipped with dual speaker stereo.

The main speaker’s grill is in the bottom side of the smartphone, while the other one is merged to the earpiece.

Photography-wise, there are two cameras that have similar resolution and aperture, which are 16 MP and F/1.


When we try it out, this wide aperture indeed has big contribution while taking pictures in low light.

Meanwhile, the speed to lock an object is also fast due to PDAF technology.

Okay guys, that is all for the review.

For your information, Galaxy C9 Pro is already available in Indonesia, and you can have it for Rp 7 million.

If we have any chance, we hope that we can make the review in the next video.

See you, guys!.

Source: Youtube