Samsung Galaxy A5 Unboxing & Full Review: Hands on Performance, Camera test, Samples, vs A3

Samsung Galaxy A5 Unboxing & Full Review: Hands on Performance, Camera test, Samples, vs A3

Hey what's up guys.

Today we have the Samsung Galaxy A5.

The bigger of the two full metal phones thatSamsung has released recently.

The other one being the A3 so A5 has someupgraded specs like 5 inch screen as supposed to the 4.

5 inch screen of the A3.

It has 2 GB of RAM the A3 has 1 GB but more or less the processor and power remains thesame.

so you see the box is very very compact.

Now this one is green color the A3 comes in a blue color box.

But overall the design is almost the same.

We have the pearl white model here.

And it costs roughly under 26000.

And you have some quick specs out here.

See it supports 4G the A3 does not support 4G by the way.

Both A5 and A3 in the Indian market comes with DUAL Sim facility.

You have 16 GB of internal storage but of course it supports micro SD card slot.

And that 5 inch screen is a super Amoled screen has HD resolution more resolution than theA3.

And powered by the same processor.

It has a Snapdragon 410 chipset.


2 Ghz Quadcore processor there.

13 MP auto focus camera as supposed to the 8 MP on the A3.

But the same 5 MP front camera.

That's the model number.

So we gonna go ahead and open the box and show you what's inside.

So as usual you get the phone and which almost looks identical to the A3 only bigger we willcome back to the phone later.

But here you would see the documents the quickstart guide and your warranty card and then smart switch.

And then some of the you know other information and service center list there.

You have what you call 1.

55 Ampere out put wall charger as supposed to the 1 Ampere onthe A3.

You have the micro USB 2.

0 cable and the premiumSamsung OEM ear phones which has a Gold platted audio jack.

And very nice in ear kind of ear plugs plus your volume rocker and mic and the call controlas well till not flat wire by the way.

So that's about what you get in the box andI forgot to show you the extra ear buds here.

So that's the Samsung Galaxy A5 a full metalbody and the glass here.

Which you would mostly see is almost identicalto the A3 out here only bigger.

So 4.

5 inch screen and 5 inch screen.

So that's the you know visibly different part.

But apart from that you would mostly see themalmost identical ports and everything there you see.

Both supporting dual sim ya.

So 5 inch screen is a Super Amoled screenas I told you before.

It's protected by Gorilla Glass 4 HD resolution720P so 720*1080 or 1280 Pixels of resolution.

Ear piece your notification LED lights thesensors and the 5 MP front camera.

Home key and then you will have the back andthe recent key.

The volume rocker mouth piece Micro USB 2.



5mm jack you have a nano sim card slot.

The number one which supports 4G and the second one supports micro sim slot.

It also can be replace with a micro SD card slot.

So it could be either a sim card slot or a micro SD card slot not both.

And your power button then secondary noise cancelling mic.

13 MP back camera speaker grill LED flash Samsung branding and see DUOS.

So the back cover cannot be removable just like the A3 and just like any uni-body metalphone in the market.

And this one despite of being all metal isvery very surprisingly light.

Actually it's also very very thin.

I love the design factor of the phone.

And although it's metal it does not feel.

It does not feel that intimidating you know you generally expect the metal phones to beheavy.

I also like the nice pearl white shimmeringkind of design here.

Also this diamond cut edges on the sides aroundhere.

So overall very nice design implement.

The A5 is powered by Kitkat and then you have this new touch wiz Ui on top.

Well that's not exactly like the Note 4 but it's all stripped down version none the less.

So one of the Bloatware are gone.

We have some of the games installed here.

Plus the speed test.

But otherwise you would see that you don'thave chaton and stuffs.

But still it has more apps than the one onthe A3 we will probably do a dedicated video showing you the difference between them youknow clearly or more elaborately.

But this touch wiz one the A5 has more appsthan the one on the A3 may be because Samsung thought that the A3 cold handle on those manyapps.

And may be because the A5 could handle moreapps more pre-installed apps.

Thanks to the 2 GB RAM.

So it has more apps like flipboard and stuffs which are not there in the A3.

In the A3 do not even have a dedicated in house music player.

We have to do with the Google music player.

But here you have both the Google music playerand the in house music player for example.

And otherwise the usual Android default apps.

You also have the S voice and stuff which are not there on the A3.

So usual home page you can add home pages and stuff.

And then your widgets and wallpapers and themes.

And then your Flipboard comes you can of coursedisable that.

Ya the usual notification bar and quick functiontoggle bar there.

Very very smooth and then the recent app menu.

Again appears just like cards type just like on the Note 4.

Long pressing on the home screen would take you to Google now.

So the usual stuffs here ya.

We will go to the settings and see and thislooks.

So icons and design and layout are inspiredfrom the S5.

We have your sim card manager because it'sa dual sim phone.

And accounts and then you have storage ofcourse it will have less storage than usual.

Because we have all the games installed verybig games.

But you would get roughly about 10.

5 GB initially.

About the device you can see it's powered by 4.


4 so you have the dallier pretty usual.

And then your keyboard Samsung Keyboard which is very very cool.

It supports swipe out of the box and I also absolutely love the dedicated number row outthere.

The default browser 460 out of 555 which ispretty cool.

Just less than Chrome and then what else thencamera.

That's the 13 MP camera the Ui are identicalbetween the A3 and the A5.

And it's not exactly zero lag but still it'squite fast as you can see.

You can also tap and acquire focus at variouspoints.

The front 5 MP front camera which is prettywide.

And it also kind of adjust the exposure accordingly.

You have settings there so 16/9 is 9.

6 mp so it's not exactly wide screen sensor.

And then you have some of the other settings.

The video starts right from there.

You know you can pause and stop videos.

You have various modes so no selective focusmode remember.

Now if I go to download here then you havesports and sound and shot usually.

But not the selective focus as we have socome to love on the Note 4.

But that's the premium phone anyway.

So under enough light the photos are very detailed.

We absolutely love the detailed level and the saturation and hue.

The color rendition on the A3 we love that on the A5 as well.

They are more towards natural even at 100 percent you fairly could see the detail.

And the pictures are not soft as well as the video.

The videos are also not soft they are quite sharp edge to edge.

No fuzziness even on the sides which we like.

Under low light well the details drops asusual.

But still it could retain the noise up tofair level.

So as you can see the sound output via speakeris well fairly loud.

And it's also quite flat.

It's not very base heavy the treble is fine though.

I also like the mid range just that bit.

So the base is not there.

I mean it's there but not over board and it does not over shadow or hide the mid range.

Which is a good thing but I would have liked bit more base.

Also despite of being situated on the back here.

The speaker does not seem to obstruct the sound output which is a good thing actually.

You could see even the base is missing here.

But the surround sound and the vocals arevery very enhanced and clear.

That's one of the thing I absolutely loveso it's much better to watch a video here that video experience than the audio one.

Very nice also taking this opportunity.

I wanna show you the display how bright andcrisp the display is.

So you can see we have a nice seen aroundhere.

But still I could see what's in there fromalmost 180 degrees.

That's incredible and that's super Amoledscreen for you.

Ya very nice even if we go to the galleryand you know try to see some other pictures and stuff.

For example let's say this one you would see how crisp the display is and even if you zoomin it only pixels just a little.

But then the color Renditions and everythingare amazing and the great thing about Super Amoled screen is that the Black's are veryvery dark.

There you see it's not creation stuff it'sactually almost jet black which is amazing.

So an amazing 5 inch screen out there.

So overall as you can see a very very smooth user interface.

So Samsung has learned to strip all load with apps and also accordingly design there touchwiz Ui as per the power of the phone.

They do not give any Bloatware these days.

And as I told you on the A3 they have a touch wiz there is almost stripped off all the heavyanimations and all the unnecessary apps here.

They have more apps than on the A3 but that'sbecause the believe that the phone could handle it.

And we also see the phone can fairly well handle all those apps.

And for every usage you would not feel any lag or you know any hang or hanging phoneand stuff.

We did some Benchmark test and Antutu scorewell scores fairly average below the Zenfone 5 and Mi 2 even below the Red Mi Note andstuff.

And then on Vellamo testing browser you seeover S3 but under S5.

And then Multicore again actually below average.

There you see similar scores on metal although slightly on a higher note.

And then Eye storm Extreme on 3D mark you have 2642.

The highest are in the scale of 10000.

So pretty low score there.

Benchmark OS 2 574 and then you can see the highest are like 2000.

So about 1/4th of the Ipad 2 but that's a tablet.

If you go to phone Iphone 6 also scores 1600.

So that's really really more.

And 4000 and here is 41000 is like way to much.

So fairly very very low score on Benchmark X.

So pretty average Benchmark scores really.

We have tested three games on the A5 Fifa15, Asphalt 8 and Nova 3.

It could play Asphalt 8 and Fifa 15 very verysmoothly.

But on the Nova 3 it actually lagged and skippedframes occasionally suddenly.

So your playing you are shooting and suddenlyit would slow down the whole frame and suddenly again it will pickup the frame rate to becomeyou know normal.

So that's was the case with Nova 3.

So then overall would you buy the Samsung Galaxy A5.

Well I think the price is slightly on the higher side on 26K.

But again you have a full metal phone here.

You have always wanted a Samsung Metal phoneyou got that.

And despite of being a metal phone it actuallyquite lite as compare to some of the other metal phones.

I also absolutely love the design and the economic aspect.

It's also fairly powerful Snapdragon 410 Chipset and you have a dual sim and other stuff.

You obviously give a brand premium you know because they have to expand lot on marketingand other stuff.

But in return you get that great after salesservice.

You get to buy this phone on precare shopseverywhere.

It's great that way you know the have largefootprints all over India and all over World in fact.

So that's the Samsung Galaxy A5.

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