Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Unboxing and Hands-on Review

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Unboxing and Hands-on Review

Hi guys, it's Toddy here from Recombu andwe have just got our hands on the new 2017 version of the Samsung Galaxy A5, which isobviously the company's high-end mid-ranger, coming in after the likes of the Samsung GalaxyS7, S7 Edge, Note 7.

although we don't really talk about that.

Um, and it's kind of fleshing out the company'sproduct line for 2017.

It's obviously an update on the last year'smodel, which had the same name, um, but we're going to have a quick unboxing, just havea quick look around the box, and, uh, yeah, see what's inside.

So, this version, as you can see here is fromMobile Fun, which is really kind of these guys.

They also threw in a host of cases, if youwant to pick up a case with the phone, then they have cases for basically every phoneon the market but beyond that, the box is pretty much blank, with the exception of afew highlights on the back, which I'll get to in just a little bit.

I'm just going to slit the package open, andjust get right into it.

Without trying to cut my fingers at the sametime.

So, the phone is the first piece of the puzzle,the first thing you're presented with.

It is a REALLY nice looking design.

This is the black model, but there are othercolours, which I'll mention in a little bit.

Peel this off.

That one there.

See if it's got some charge.


Yep! Excellent.


So, whilst that's booting up we have all ofthe paperwork.

So that is in a little kind of tray here.

Um, if I slide it out it looks like we haveall the standard stuff.

So we have a quick-start guide, we have awarranty card and we have 'Regional Lock Guide".

I guess that's important for some people.

Um, and then we also have a SIM tray removaltool, built into the tray there as well, and that is all of that.

And then, in the rest of the box we have a,uh, USB cable.

This is a Type-C USB.

This is one of the first, um, this is the,this is the first A Series device to rock Type-C along with the new A3 and A7 2017.

They are now fully Type-C, previous generationwas still USB.

Um, you get a, uh, plug adapter here, whichis actually one of the company's Adaptive Fast Charging plugs, so this supports fastcharging, just like last year's model.

And, uh, then you get some in-ear headphones,which actually look kinda nice.

They have, uh, if it focuses there, they'vegot gold contacts, they have an inline remote as well, which has got, looks like it's acall and volume controls in there, probably a microphone and earbuds.

No different sizes, but, um, it's always niceto get those in the box too.

And, what's this? Is this anything? Oh! There's you go, you get other bud sizestoo.

So, you can expect headphones and alternativebuds too.

And that is, pretty much, all of the box contents.

So, with that done I'm just going to jumpthrough the settings very quickly and I'll be back, when I've got the phone set up andwe can have a quick look at the handset itself.

OK, so we've just run through the setup reallyquickly so we don't have an account on here or anything yet, but I just wanted to takeyou through some of the hardware and software elements of this phone, um, out of the gate.

So, first and foremost, the form.

When I picked it out of the box, it feelsreally, really good in the hand.

It's very premium looking and feeling.

It's a metal frame, which you can see here,um, and also the most obvious thing, uh, that we really like is the rounded glass on theback; the kind of rear surface glass.

Um, and there's also pillowed cover glasstoo on the front.

Um, it feels very reminiscent of the SamsungGalaxy S7 in that respect, um, and it, yeah, it's more rounded obviously if you look headon, the corners are more heavily rounded and, and softer, but overall the aesthetic is reallypleasing, um, to the eye and in the hand as well.

It feels like a very high-end device as aresult.

Uh, one of the interesting things to noteas well on the outside is that the loudspeaker is actually up here on the side above thepower button instead of down on the base, um, which might have something to do withthe phone's IP68 dust and waterproofing perhaps, but we think it might also have somethingto do with the fact that most people watch videos in landscape, so having the speakerdown there is as good as any place to put it, more so than there where you might coverit with your hand when you're holding the phone.

So that's a really thoughtful implementationof, uh, loudspeaker placement.

On the bot, on the bottom there you do geta microphone, a 3.

5-millimetre headphone jack and Type-C USB, um, which as I said earlierthis is the first A Series, um, device to sport Type-C.

On the top, you have a SIM tray, which I believeis a hybrid SIM tray that also takes microSD card.

On the back you have the camera and a singleLED flash, um, and on the front you have two backlit capacitive keys, ahem, 'scuse me,and, um, a physical home button with a fingerprint sensor, so you still that fingerprint sensorfunctionality, um, and that is tied in to Samsung Pay in the countries that supportit, um, the phone does also have NFC, so if you want to use Android Pay you have thatoption available to you as well.

Um, on the front here you're working witha 5.

2-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, um, it looks REALLY good on first impressions;colours look very accurate, it looks very pleasing.

Uh, brightness, if I whack the brightnessup is, yeah, really good based on what I'm seeing out the gate, but we'll obviously testall of this out more going forward.

Um, also another really nice thing is thatthey've upped the cameras over last year's models.

So you have a 16-megapixel front-facing anda 16-megapixel rear-facing camera, so you can get excellent quality pictures out ofboth.

And both also apparently sport an f/1.

9 aperture,which for a high-end mid-range device like this is, um, really, really impressive.

That's, that's as low, um, or lower than someof the flagships currently on the market.

So low light performance for the A5 shouldactually be very, very good indeed.

Um, the, some other features that have trickleddown from the likes of the Galaxy S7 beyond the design are things like, and the IP68 certification,are things like an always-on display, so even when the phone is off, I don't think I haveit set up right now, but the clock, oh, there you go, it's even telling you about it rightnow.

But you can have the clock on the screen allthe time because it's AMOLED, it's very low power so it doesn't drain the phone, um, whichis a really nice feature to have.

I find it very useful having used the GalaxyS7 Edge for a long time now.

Um, and then let's jump to the insides.

So on the inside you're running, um, a newchipset, a 1.

9GHz octa-core Exynos 7880, which is one of Samsung's own chipsets, backed upby 3GB of RAM, um, there's also 32GB of internal storage, there's only one option available.

Um, but as I said earlier, there is microSDexpandability and that supports up to 256GB.

So there's double to space of its predecessor,more RAM and, uh, a huge amount of microSD expandability if you want to add more mediainto this device, down the line.

In the back there you also have a slightlylarger battery.

This time it's a 3000mAh battery and as Isaid earlier, in the box you do get an Adaptive Fast Charger, which is pretty solid fast chargingtechnology.

It's not the quickest around, I think thatfalls to the OnePlus Dash Charge technology, but it's still great to have fast chargingon a phone that isn't a flagship.

Um, always appreciated there too.

Um, and beyond that it's really just a caseof the software is, uh, Samsung's own UX, uh, on top Android 6.


So it's not yet running Nougat, but that'sOK, it will undoubtedly get an update in its lifetime, just as its predecessor, um, andbeyond that it's, uh, a case of the colours.

So, this is the Black Sky model, um, which,uh, looks very nice.

It's just black really.

Um, the only issue is that it's quite fingerprint,um, prone, which is not surprising, considering it's a nearly all-glass body, but there arethree other colours available.

There's a gold version, there's a blue versionand there is a peach gold version, peach go.

, peach cloud, 'scuse me, version, which iskind of like a reflective, mirror finish rose gold, which in the UK I believe is exclusiveto Carphone Warehouse? Um, and in terms of purchasing this thing,it's available right now, so you can buy this right now for around £370.


99 I believe it is SIM-free on the likesof Carphone Warehouse.

Um, that does mean it's, uh, a pricier handsetthan, for instance, the OnePlus 3, uh, but it's just underneath the OnePlus 3T, um, andit's an interesting device to say the least.

It's a really, uh, appealing proposition,it has nice premium elements you wouldn't know it's not a premium phone unless you knewexactly what it was, and the performance from that processor should be pretty decent so,uh, it'll be really interesting to see how it performs going forward, So that is a quick look at the, uh, new SamsungGalaxy A5 2017.

If you have any questions about the phone,just drop us a line down below in the comments.

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