Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 review – desain mewah, kamera nggak wah

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 review – desain mewah, kamera nggak wah

This is a phone This is a donut and this is Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 The next generation of samsung galaxy A3 2016 announced in early 2017 bringing the rounded corners design away from the impression of samsung mobile phones in general tend to square the entire front and back panels are wrapped by the glass frames and buttons are made of metal matte seemed rough on hold impressed premium and sturdy at first glance people would think the price is about $600 really Coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 you can bet this screen shatter proof if dropped But that does not mean it can not be scratched Because there is an oleophobic coating at the outer layer which are vulnerable to scratches As the back of this handhone already Samsung A3 already has IP68 certification the number 6 means dust proof the number 8 means capable invited to swim at a depth of more than 1 meter within a certain time limit but, I don't suggest bring it swim to the sea the placement of the buttons have been changed from the 2016 version the loudspeaker hole moves from bottom to right shifting the sim card tray's hole upwards A3 using USB-type C for the connection beside it can be plugged upside down, also supports fast charging In the sales package, Samsung includes an adapter for an old micro USB cable type switching to the sim card slot, samsung still maintains the Dual SIM hybrid where we can only choose between using two sim cards or micro SD card while the built-in internal memory of 16GB, only 10GB left, with some already used by the system This is the biggest problem for dual sim cards users I am disappointed, for the sim card tray are made of plastic and very very vulnerable broken please be careful when re-entering for those who loves to switch sim card among many operator providers Another question, why not wear metal material like the iphone 4 that had been born before majapahit empire (majapahit ref : the ancient kingdom in indonesia 1200 A.


) 4.

7-inch screen that is not so small and also not very big fit for the operation of one hand, unfortunately, the comfortable super amoled screen is not maximized with a resolution that is still HD Visions in various view angle positions Looks just as clear, in watching video.

And very useful when peering hole.

hehe The fingerprint scanner feature embedded a plus its own value Privacy becomes more secure You can also add some fingerprints on the setting, so if your thumb was dirty, you can use another finger to unlock it.

another finger.

?? Hmmm.

This is what I like, always on feature when mobile phone placed on the desk, make it easy when just want to see the clock or notification, we do not need to press the power button.

Powered by 2350 mAh battery 2 GB RAM memory and Exynos chipset 7870 octa core combined with GPU Mali T830 Unfortunately, the powerfull GPU is not paired with a full HD screen, The important thing is still smoothly used to play racing games But, it's just that there are sometimes broken motion when the cars is in a group like this.

8MP front camera for selfie and 13MP rear camera with both aperture 1.

9 It should be able to capture lots of light in the darkroom photos Results of images with auto mode look over exposure.

So it need some touch editing after, So, if you were searching for a luxurious phones, the fits screen in hand long lasting battery life to watch video, ready to swim with fingerprint features with a pretty selfie camera, Samsung A3 2017 is the answer But, it's your choice Thanks for watching Like and subscribe if you think this video is useful.

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