Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite Review (NP915S3G-K01US)- Worth The Money?

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite Review (NP915S3G-K01US)- Worth The Money?

So, this is Samsung's Ativ Book 9 Lite, it’san 800-dollar ultrabook, super slim and it’s entirely plastic.

Rocking an AMD quad core processor, Samsungreally wasn’t trying to impress anyone with this one, welcome back to Kagan tech, andtoday we’re going to be taking a look at the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite and we’re goingto see if it’s actually worth 800 dollars.

Now, for the people who love technical specsso much, here you go.

Satisfied? Now to the more practical thing, the design.

This computer was designed to kill, it isbeautiful, it is easily one of the slimmest windows ultrabooks I have ever used.

Durability-wise though, not so much.

This computer is entirely plastic, and I meanevery inch of this computer is plastic, and like that wasn’t bad enough, it’s actuallythe glossy kind of plastic.

For an 800-dollar ultrabook, yikes….

Moving beyond that though, you might thinkthe AMD quad core processor might hold this computer back a little bit, but it actuallydoes not, I mean, yes it’s just 4GB of RAM glorified with a beautiful marketing nameto sell products, but it actually works.

I can run photoshop just fine, I can editvideos just fine with this computer without any problems, it doesn’t run hot, doesn’tshutdown on me and I don’t get the blue screen death that windows is famed for.

I get about 5hrs of battery life on this computerand I have to say, by far the most amazing thing about this computer has to be the typingexperience, it is simply immaculate.

For a computer that slim, I wasn’t reallyexpecting much, the only draw back here would have to be the fact that the keyboard is noteven backlit.

Why am I paying 800 dollars for a computerthat doesn’t have a backlit keyboard again? The trackpad works, but it feels extremelycheap.

And then another thing that really bothersme about this computer is the ports, they’re all super condensed, I mean, micro HDMI, really,really Samsung? I have to be completely honest with you though,I think one of the major selling point has to be sidesync.

The fact that if I use a Samsung phone, Idon’t actually have to touch my phone to use my phone, I could just sync my phone tomy computer and I can read my messages, I could check my apps, l could listen to musicfrom my phone, watch videos, check my pictures, stuff like that, but is that really worth800 dollars? Look, by no means am I bashing this computer,I actually like it a lot, but for 800 dollars, you could probably save your money and buysomething else that would give you better performance, I mean I could name 25 lenovocomputers that are half the price and would perform better than this machine.

I appreciate what Samsung was trying to dohere, but with the cheap plastic feel and the AMD quad core processor which is stilla joke that I do not get, I will not buy this computer, I mean not at 800 dollars, maybeif it was on sale for like 400 dollars.

So here is some sage wisdom for you, go arounda Samsung store, look for this computer in a corner collecting dust and see if the pricehas dropped, if it has, jump at it, it’s an awesome buy for 400dollars or less, anyhigher than that, then I would not advise you to buy this.

If you already own one of this and you boughtit on sale, great job, but if paid 800 dollars for it, I apologize, but your computer isway overpriced.

Thank you for watching this video and seeyou on my next video that should be coming in a couple of days.

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