S View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

S View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Hey guys.

Michael here with The Daily Note.


And on the right I have the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

And on the left, I got thistoday, it is the S View Cover for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

If you guys have been followingmy videos, you may have seen my video where I review the S View Cover for the SamsungGalaxy Note 3.

And when I got the Note 4, I started really missing having a cover.

Iwasn't able to get a case at the time because the phone really launched earlier than planned.

So I couldn't get a case.

But I finally got a case.

At the Samsung store in Seoul.

Inthe Gangnam district.

So anyway, let's crack this open.

Ok, samsung has really basic packaging asalways.

There we go.

screen protector for the plastic.

Let's take that off.

And thisfoam thing as always.

Nothing back here.

This feels very thick for some reason.

And anotherthing is, like all S View covers, this is not lined with any kind of micro fiber soI got it screen protected, or I got a screen protector for my Galaxy Note 4.

Today I gotit professionally put on, let's put this on.

And let's see what happens.

You also noticethat the design has kinda like a metallic sheen almost.

Kinda looks more like a.

Iwouldn't say a metallic sheen but it's a little bit shiny, it's one of those shinier leathera,it reminds me of kind of like a couch almost ok, so when you first close your s view coverfor the first time, you will see this menu.

you can select the wallpaper.

for the cover,i like that so let's select that.

ok, so there we go.

you can see the pedometer,you can see the weather, you have these settings here, and the camera.

so let's look insidesettings.

so you have the heart-rate setting.

and itjust tells you that you can measure your heartrate with the S View cover closed.

that didn't take too long.

And another interestingthing is the depression here.

It is nice fitting to a finger.

Even though you will notice thatthe back cover is actually quite thick.

you can see the camera itself is raised over theback itself.

let's look at the camera features.

you haveto slide it, like you're unlocking it.

you can see that the camera is enabled.

you havesome basic features with the video.

it's just the most basic camera.

turn on the flash.

And then you do a tap to focus.

then let's go back inside settings.

and welooked at.

There is a flashlight setting.

this will come in very handy actually.

verysimple but very handy.

favorite contacts, you will need to put somethingin there.

but here is where things get interesting.

So there is something called set style clock.

there are these 3 to choose from.

other thanthe standard.

so I think this one looks the best so let'sselect that.

Click on OK.

let's X out of that.

and you can see that at least the camera isaccessible and the menu is accessible.

but as mentioned no pedometer reading or the weatherthere.

let's look at the other one.

you can also turn your phone off.

by holdingthe power button.

and you have these options here.

ok, so let me try calling this with my skypeaccount.

ok, so there we go.

you can see that there'sa mute button.

and speaker.

I guess.

so i just sent myself a text message and ialso had a missed call there.

so you can see, you can read your messages.

call them backthrough here.

you can get info on it.

and that's about it for the s view cover.

youcan tell that the Galaxy Note 4 is imprinted on there.

it feels like it's higher qualitythan the Note 3.

And height wise, it's just a little bit thicker than the Note 3.

It'sjust a little bit thicker.

So if you want to get a good sense of howthick that was.

Actually, it's very hard to tell which devicefeels thicker in the hand they both feel about the same which is interesting because thebacking on here feels very different compared to this which actually feels thin.

when youput it on the phone, there's not much of a difference.

you can see that the color of this, I wasactually looking for black and this kinda feels like a grayish maybe it has the slightesttint of blue here you can see that it blends very well to the black Galaxy Note 4.

So anyway that's my short video for today.

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So once again, thanks for watching.

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