Review Samsung QLED Q8C Nueva Television 4K UHD HDR Smart TV 2017

Review Samsung QLED Q8C Nueva Television 4K UHD HDR Smart TV 2017

hello everyone and welcome to my channel in this video I bring another QLED tv from Samsung this time its the Q8C, a step up from the Q7F with some differences between them both models are almost the same, so I leave a link to the Q7F review in the description below it is available in 55, 65 and 75 inches with higher prices than the Q7F in this case, 2999€ for the 55 inch model 3999€ for the 65 inch model and 5999€ for the 75 inch model the desing changes between the 2 this model is curved, with 4,2m radius the back has much better finish, seems like brushed metal even it is plastic but looks more premium the bezel is very thin and the stand is like 2016 models but cilindric the arm can be detached for cable management and the ac plug and the one connect plug are hidden under a plastic cover the one connect box is the same than the Q7F with the virtually invisible optic fibre cable it has the ac plug, the tv output.

the antenna plug, 2 satellite plugs.

4 hdmi ports, number 2 is arc the optical audio output, an ethernet port, 3 usb ports.

ci card slot and a service jack the tv automatically detects any hdmi device connected if we have anynet+ on and can be controlled with the tv remote in the picture department has some slight differences with the Q7F it has 4K resolution with a 10 bit VA pannel with Quantum Dots with 1024 million colors it uses edge lightning and Q Engine image processor it has 3200Hz, 100 more than Q7F as all curved tvs, this model has auto depth enhancer a samsung technology that detects all depth layers and changes the contrast between them for better depth I have never felt that with any curved tv if somebody notices that, leave a comment below in QLED models they have enhanced the Quantum Dots with a new metallic alloy that produces better color volume with more precise colors, regardless the brightness level viewing angle is also enhanced from last year models and all led tvs in general but not even close to an OLED they loose color if we exceed 60º from the center in curved tvs, this is difficult to see and we always will have one side that look better than the other to enhance contrast it uses precission black pro, for deeper blacks supreme uhd dimming, to control backlight accuracy peak illuminator pro, to make bright areas pop up and this model also uses auto depth enhancer to modify the contrast for each layer individually all this features is what samsung calls Q Contrast Ultimate it also has the ultra black anti flare finish this model is hdr10 compatible and reaches 1500 nits of peak brightness this doesn't mean that all the screen reaches that level of illumination.

only in small bright areas it can give extra power to the backlight to reach 1500 nits for example if we have a sunny sky, only where the sun is, it will reach 1500 nits the rest will have less, same as reality for gamers, this model has normal and hdr game mode with 24ms of input lag in the audio department, this model is much better than the Q7F even having also 4 speakers facing downside, it has 60w +50% than Q7F and this is the most powerfull speakers in a tv without a soundbar embedded it has very good sound and powerfull bass not as an external sound system, but the best in any tv nowadays through the optical output it has dolby digital and dts codecs for the best quality when connected to a soundbar or home cinema it is also compatible with samsung's multiroom system and you can connect any bluetooth speaker or headset tizen OS is one of the best in the market with a good selection of apps and a web browser that can do almost the same as a computer it has a quad core processor and runs very fast voice control works very well, but if you don't like to speak to the remote, I reccomend a keyboard there are cheap options and it's the best if you have to type something the tv can connect with cable or wifi, and we can mirror out phone with miracast or send media via dlna we also can send the tv signal to the phone thanks to the smart view app the remote is fantastic, it has microphone for voice control and we can control with it any device connected to the tv by hdmi it has dual dvb-t tunner and dual satellite tunner and with PIP we can watch a channel full screen while watching another in the small window and we can connect a usb drive and record one channel while viewing another also do timeshift it has energy saving options as eco sensor and auto power down it is a step up from the Q7F but also we have to spend 20% more for it this also happened last year with ks7000 and ks8000 it has some extras, but for the price difference you can buy an external audio system and even save money as pros it has the design, that for me is much better than the Q7F and also the viewing angle and color volume, where QLEDs excel as cons, as in the Q7F, that you need 2 ac plug, one for the tv and another for the one connect and that the difference between the Q7F and this one doesn't justify the 500€ extra you have to spend for this in the description below I leave the link to the samsung webpage for this model if you want to check the specs if you like the video, you can subscribe for free see you in the next video, bye.

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