Review || Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Specification Features and Price

Review || Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Specification Features and Price

hi everyone this is tech tips and we are talkingabout samsung galaxy note 8.

0 oh it's samsung sort of small tablet computergoogle nexus 7 and Kindle Fire and it's definitely the more expensive optionsince this thing costs about three hundred and fifty dollars but it seemsto lack some significant features that both the nexus 7 and Kindle Fire havelet's start with the basics from the name it obviously has an 8 inch displaywith a resolution of 1280 x 800 it's not the best by any means but colors are vibrantas ever but the pixel density is pretty low compared to the kindle fireHDX pushing about 323 pixels per inch underneath you can find Samsung's 1.

6giga hurtz quad-core processor and 2 gigabytes of ram it has 16gigabytes of built-in storage plus a slot for micro SD cards it runs android 4.

1 jelly bean withSamsung's TouchWiz designed for their no devices overall it's a pretty speedy tablet allapplications that run on android 4.

1 jelly bean will run on the galaxy note8.

0 out any problems the screen sizes just about perfect to it's a perfec tone-handed tablet but i do wish the puzzles were a little bit smaller besides especially have way too muchaccess for one-handed operation browsing the web catching up on emails andplaying videos are easily done on this form factor the keyboard is especiallygreat and keys fall nicely for fun typing in portrait mode playing gameslike real racing 3 is also possible thanks to all the power lurkingunderneath the device battery life is also pretty good on average i wasgetting about seven-and-a-half hours that's with heavy usage and constant webbrowsing email and watching youtube videos the galaxy note 8.

0 spilt out ofplastic and I hate that but it's light compact and it feels like a contango acouple drops without breaking the form factor feels great in portrait mode buta little awkward of landscape mode but unusual but for the camera just throwsoff the flush nature of saying iPad Mini or nexus 7 alpha note name samsung hasreally intended for this tablet to be used in portrait mode only since this doeshave an S Pen it will do some notes specific tasks like note taking on anotepad you also have features like multi-window and air view and also did Imention you can now use the S Pen on the soft-touch capacity runs the Galaxy Note 8 is a perfectsize for an everyday tablet it's a kind of tablet to literally throwing your bagand carry everywhere its light small compact and thin but if all that in mindyou still see the larger price tag it costs 349 dollars and that's way toomuch it's a little less expensive in the ipadmini of front of display but you can now buy the new Nexus 7 for 1080p displayfor 229 dollars yes it's an inch smaller and displaysize but it packs a better quality display and very on par performance youlose the note Brand on the samsung brand but if you're looking for the bestaffordable android tablet there are way more solutions and options out there formuch better prices.

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