Review Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Review Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

This smartphone is probably one of the most popular and sold Samsung.

This is the review of the Samsung Galaxy Prime smartGSM J7.

The Samsung Galaxy Prime J7 becomes a variant of the Galaxy J7 (2016) with some differences, but equally competitive on the sinker midrange.

As the latest smartphones from Samsung, the Galaxy J7 Prime boasts a robust construction thanks to a metal chassis with acceptable terminations, but since the design is a hardly surprising that smartphone and might even say it's a bit boring – the least this black version we are reviewing.

What stands out at first glance Galaxy Prime J7 is a huge 5.

5-inch screen a Full HD resolution – even if it is a LTPS screen instead of AMOLED, but as we discussed below it.

Below the screen start button that doubles as a reader is located fingerprint, escorted by two capacitive buttons on Samsung classical training – although unfortunately not backlit.

Above the screen, an 8 megapixel camera is accompanied by a LED flash front – in some variants, rather than flash LED features LED notification, although it is possible to set the flash to function as such, but with separate apps.

On the right side, the power button is located next to a speaker – another small innovations that Samsung introduces its cheaper smartphones – while that the left side volume control is located.

On the back, we have a 13MP camera accompanied by an LED flash.

At first glance the Galaxy J7 Prime has features that do not seem condecir with its price.

The screen is probably the most controversial point of this smartphone.

It tends to behave decently under normal conditions, but shows its weakness from different angles, or when used to full sunlight – even for us the results are more than satisfactory, even when compared to the screen Super AMOLED Galaxy S7 edge.

Samsung made some changes to correct the problem with the extra brightness button which can increase the brightness of the screen beyond its normal maximum for 15 minutes.

Anyway, it seems justifiable to say that the Galaxy Prime J7 is not a good phone just for your screen.

3GB of RAM meet well in keeping my memory, but it gives us the feeling that the processor is not up – the entire interface seems to move in chamber Slow: transitions, the list of recent apps, the notification bar.

Everything has a sort of slow – which is not exactly lag, but it becomes something fastidiosa and we fear that with time of use tends to worsen.

In Geekbench tests, the Galaxy J7 Prime had a poor performance in single-core, with scores below such Nexus 5, but in multi-core, he came to exceed the Nexus 6P.

However, the Galaxy meets Prime J7 quite well in general use and can even run some heavy games without major drawbacks – of course, taking it to the limit his power.

The user interface is typical Samsung.

With several options, the Galaxy Prime J7 can be customized to suit the user The camera has an acceptable performance, powered by the software Samsung adds a pro, HDR mode and filters.

It will not take the best pictures, but it will be enough to capture moments, at least good light.

The front camera is one of the departments in which it seems that Samsung experience with the lower range before implementing the most powerful smartphones.

The Galaxy J7 Prime has an 8 megapixel sensor with LED flash provides best tools for perfect selfie.

Another point that seems trivial but nevertheless shows attention to detail Samsung It is his talking.

In no way is the best speaker for smartphone and your answer is somewhat mediocre, but can watch videos comfortably without covering it up with your hands – a common problem smartphones that place the speaker on the bottom edge.

The fingerprint reader is also well thought out, without projecting smartphone – its performance however is quite poor, and added to lethargy unlock the smartphone, several sometimes fail to read the fingerprint and will leave us waiting 30 seconds before to be able to try again – terribly frustrating.

The Galaxy J7 Prime includes a pair of headphones in the box, a custom that other manufacturers They have forgotten their cheaper smartphones, although this time they are not the best, It is large and cumbersome in everyday use In conclusion, Samsung seems not to neglect the low end, even if you have not seen so big competition in recent years, mainly from Huawei and other manufacturers Chinese who constantly raise the rod in quality.

However, it is easy to see why the Galaxy J7 Prime is one of the best-selling smartphones Samsung: thoughtful details, features to keep you active a couple of years and at least a sober but sufficient design.

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