Review 3 Aplikasi Poke Radar di iPhone | Nemu Dragonite XD| Pokemon GO Rare Series

Review 3 Aplikasi Poke Radar di iPhone | Nemu Dragonite XD| Pokemon GO Rare Series

Hi Guys.

So today im going to review 3 Poke Radar Apps on iPhone Lets find out, the most accurate apps Ok, first app that im going to use is PokeWhere Just open the app, then.

you can scan the location of Pokemon around you in real-time on a map and there's 30s cooldownn just wait 30s There should be a Pokémon nearby Done, but i dont know.

Its server issue, bug, or something.

There's no one Pokémon nearby i downloaded this app on sunday July, 13th as you can see, there's no monster nearby.

Then, I open the Pokémon GO app There's no monster in Pokémon GO, but.

at least we can see that there's zubat or seahorse nearby If Pokewhere is running pretty well at least, there should be zubat or seahorse around.

The second app is Pokéalert Its all the same, scanning pokémon around my location There's bulbasaur, pidgey,duduo, and zubat nearby The difference is this app has spawn timer for every pokémon nearby I'd like to go to venonat, just curious is it true? By the way, iphone screen that u see right now is the airshou recording Im not taking this screen recording while vlogging on the street Now, at the venonat locations Then, open pokémon go app There should be a venonat in my pokémon go app lets check it out as you can see, there's no venonat, its only zubat and seahorse nearby.

so, you can rate this app.

The third app is poke locator I open it.

woow, there's a DRAGONITE guys.

Aerodactyle, Abra, Nidoking oh, this app also scanning pokestops there are two pokestops around but, i dont know.

is it true? that dragonite? i hope its not like the two apps before lets go to aerodactyle locatio While im walking away to aerodactyle location I want to tell you that, to prove this app is accurate just download the app, and try it then find pokémon or pokéstops around you if there's a pokemon nearby, for example pidgey.

then just open your pokéradar app, it can be pokewhere, pokélocator, pokéalert, pokevision, pokemap, etc n you cant find that pidgey on those apps.

that's prove that those app doesnt work well now Im in aerodactyle location Then I open the pokemon go app there wasnt aerodactyle around but, there's a krabby over here XD ok lets catch him.

Ok guys, so thats the 3 apps that i reviewed today i know you're dissapointed, so do I those 3 apps arent working i dont know why, maybe its because today, those 3 app theres server issue or bug.

or Niantic team claim those apps you know that Niantic makes "nearby" feature for trainer So, use it! I recommend younot to use those apps just use the pokémon go app for your journey to become a pokémon master So, thats it.

if u have any recommendation, please comment below.

maybe theres application that 100% work Dont forget to like, share, and subscribe.

See you guys.

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