OPPO Neo 7 (4G Model) review

OPPO Neo 7 (4G Model) review

*This video doesn't have sound.

Will use subtitle and music instead* Hello everyone and Welcome to Star Offtopic Channel.

I will review this OPPO Neo 7 smartphone.

WOW! Very nice smartphone.

Here are micro USB and microphone.

On the right side, there are power button.

Headphone jack on top.

On the left side, there have volume button.

AH! There are camera, flash and speaker too! There are front camera, call speaker and LED notifications.

And here we are! My phone! The UI is very nice.

While this is notification bar.

All my apps here.


I am going to tap WeChat app.


Now I am going to tap Facebook.

Now, I am going to tap Play Store.

Let's see what happens.

Cool! Can landscape as well! Let's see the Web Browser.

This is where I read some elevator stuff and more on the Wikia.

The phone is quite heavy than you think.

I am going to open the back cover.

This is my rubber case which it comes with the phone.


Going to open the cover.

OK! Can open! There are micro SIM card slot, Nano SIM and Micro SD card slot.

The End.

Specs 1.

2GHz Quad Core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 410) Adreno 306 graphics Dual SIM (Micro SIM+Nano SIM) Android 5.


1 with Colour OS 2.

1 16 GB ROM+ 1GB RAM 5 inch qHD screen (960×540) @ 220ppi.

8mp rear camera/5mp front camera Support 2G, 3G and 4G.

Source: Youtube