Oppo A57 Camera Review

Oppo A57 Camera Review

13 MP, f/2.

2, phase detection autofocus, LEDflash 16 MP, f/2.

0, 1.

12 µm pixel size, 1080p In day light/well lit conditionscolors look bright and a little towards the saturated side but they are not deep, sharpnessis good, dynamic range is okay,it tend to overexpose a little and loose the sharpness a bit, but that’s not a big problem, focusing speeds are decent and capturing speedsare fast and impressive, everything stands the same with indoor conditionstoo, Selfies are the thing that really impressedme, they are really wide and bright, even in the least bright situations it dida decent job, color rep is good, sharpness is good, eventhe dynamic range is pretty good you really don’t see this from any otherphone, there was no problem with focusing and thecapturing speeds are very good, I really didn’t expect it to perform thisgood after taking few pix from the rear camera, In low light it did a decent job and I couldreally expect a little more from it, images could be a little brighter, and whitebalance could be a little better, colors in low light are definitely not goodwith a little warm tint on them, but unlike any other phone, Oppo capturesvery quick even in low light, Video recording rear cameraVideo rec is not all that good, it tends to over expose a lot and the colorslook a little over saturated, sharpness and dynamic range are okay.

I wasn’t really impressed with the footagebut It looks pretty stable even without OIS There is no noise cancellation Front cameraEven the front camera over exposes the footage a little bit but I don’t think it's a problemuntil the subject is under focus and looks good, any way the front camera video recordingIs very good ConclusionI think Oppo has a great cameras with bad softwareoptimization, this phone is build for selfie lovers,When compared to other phones in the same price, there isn't anything special in termsof cameras, but doesn’t have any flaws either If cameras are your utmost priority, thenyou can definitely consider this phone, So that’s pretty much it for this videoguys, thanks for watching, do checkout out these suggested videos, hit that like buttonif you like this video, or hit that dislike button if you didn’t like this video.

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