Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LED View Cover Case Review – Hands On

Official Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LED View Cover Case Review – Hands On

Hello and welcome to this hands on video withthe LED Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

If you have any questions or quires aboutthis case please leave them in the comments below, as we’ll be more than happy to answerthose for you.

The LED cover is by no means a new case.

Whileit has never been seen with the Galaxy S series before, it may be more recognisable to thenote users amongst you, as this case originally debuted with the Note 4.

While the overallaesthetics and functionality remain much the same, this case has been greatly improvedand refined in order to provide you with a more fluid experience.

Installation couldn’t be simpler, your S7Edge can be inserted within seconds, upon which the lined up NFC sections of both thecase and your phone will automatically pair.

Saving you the hassle of having to pair viaBluetooth and download apps as is the case with similar cases.

As well as being extremely easy to set-up,the case is also extremely easy to maintain as it doesn’t require any charging in orderto work.

It gains its power through the NFC connection, thus allowing you to stay notifiedthroughout the day.

Once installed the case will display any incomingnotifications such as texts and calls.

It can even be interacted with, allowing youto answer and reject incomings calls with a simply swipe of your finger over the LEDsto either the right or left.

While the range of notifications and applications is fairlylimited when compared with cases like the S View, it does still provide a nice visualway of notifying you about your alarms and notifications through your front cover.

Another great feature of the LED window isthat you can assign your favourite contacts a special LED image, this allows you to instantlyrecognise who’s calling through the LED caller ID feature, something which wouldn’tbe possible otherwise.

And the functionality doesn’t end thereas the case also features sleep / wake compatibility, allowing you to conveniently turn your phoneon and off, simply by opening and closing the LED View case’s front cover.

This notonly makes using your S7 Edge on a daily basis a more pleasant experience, it also enablesyou to conserve battery life.

The LED case is extremely similar to thatof the Samsung flip wallet cover, a staple of the samsung range over the years.

Thismeans that your smart case features a handy wallet section and a crisp, thin design thatfits perfectly with the sleek styling of your new device.

This attention detail and superb styling alsomeans that the case is fully compatible with Qi wireless charging, allowing you to keepyour phone protected whilst topping up its battery.

Overall the LED wallet cover looks like beingone of the hottest cases around for the new Samsung phones and is certainly a must havefor any S7 Edge owner.

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