Official Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Clear Cover Case Review – Hands On

Official Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 Clear Cover Case Review – Hands On

Hello and welcome to this hands on video featuringthe Clear Cover case from Samsung for the A5 2016.

We’re always interested to hearwhat you think of this official case, so if you have any opinions or questions you wantanswered, please leave them in the comments below.

The clear cover is a unique bumper-style casethat features a minimal design.

This highlights and really adds to the design of the A5, allowingthe phone’s new metallic finish to shine through via the clear back panel.

Available in exact colour matches, you canprovide good day to day protection without hiding the phones stunning design.

While the clear cover won’t measure up tothe likes of OtterBox and Griffin protection-wise, it does still help guard your screen throughthe case’s raised corners.

These intuitively designed corners help to lift your phone’sscreen from table or floor when placed on a flat surface, reducing the risk of unwantedscratches and dirt reaching your screen when your A5 is placed face down.

The case has clearly been made to show offthe A5 stunning design.

This is evident when we take a look at the open sides of the clearcover, which furthermore highlights the the phone’s design as well as keeping it lightand bulkfree.

While this lightweight approach provides a great in hand feel and maintainsthe look and feel of the phone, it does mean a compromise on protection.

So for anyoneworried about dropping their phone they may want to consider a more substantial case,but if like me you like to keep your device bulk-free and just want light protection againstscuffs and scrapes then this is definitely the perfect case for you.

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