Milkyway iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Case Review 4 Months Later

Milkyway iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Case Review 4 Months Later

So let’s go ahead and let’s take a lookat one of the cases from Milkyway.

I ended up ordering a clear see thru casethat says hustle in white.

I really thought that this was a cute case,plus it really , it really speaks to me because I’m a hustler.

It is primarily for the design.

The design will be printed on the back ofthe case, and that’s really pretty much their selling point because is not going toprovide that much protection.

It has a slight raised bezel, but not enough to where I’d be comfortable dropping my phone.

But if you’re the type of person who rockan iPhone or a Samsung smartphone with no case because you never drop it, you never have any type of mishaps with it, but you want to have some type of decoration on your phone, then this would be the perfect case for you.

Okay so it is literally four months to thedate since I took my Milkyway case out of the packaging.

I posted my video on December 6, 2016, and today it is April 6, 2017.

So I haven’t used the case for the entireduration of the 4 months.

After I opened it up in December, I used itfor about a week in December.

I didn’t use it at all in January or Februarybecause I was really feeling another case, but then I rediscovered this case and I put it on for maybe the last two weeks of March up until today.

I’m kind of disappointed because I’vehad it for 4 months, but I haven’t used it the entire 4 months, and as of today ifyou look at this case, the printing is actually coming off of the case.

So because my hand is rubbing against the back of the phone, the back of this case when I’m holding the phone and I’m talkingon it, that’s where my hand is typically positioned at, that is where the print iscoming off.

So while the case was only $16.

99, it was$16.

99 of my own money.

I think that Milkyway has really cute cases.

I’ve spotted some that I would really liketo have, but I think that I’m going to pass, and I think $16.

99 every 3 to 4 weeks is just something that I’m personally not going to do.

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