iPhone 7 – Unboxing & Review | Made in Chile

iPhone 7 – Unboxing & Review | Made in Chile

HELLO Earthlings! I am Jorge.

I'm Max.

And this is MADE IN CHILE.

Today we have the debut of the newly launched iPhone in July.


Come up with the intro and start.

And it is! We're? I think we could start now.

Look at the jewel I have you here.

Max What's this? We here in our power, and recently launched the new iPhone 7 in Chile.

It is worth noting that today is the first day.

those who booked it here in Chile, are pleased to get their hands on this little gem.

So is.

We have a scoop here on the canal.


Let's now review it.

– Let's do the unboxing immediately.

– Let's check it, this is an exquisite unboxing.

I would love to take my knife to open it, but we have to tell that I do not need.

Why? Because the new iPhone 7 comes with a new packaging system.

We are going to.

It is not enough to tell a system is a.

a more sophisticated packaging.

Sure, I think to save material.

You're seeing it in the overhead camera we have.

the new packaging.

You have here a.

A flap.

A flap, of course, with a green arrow that tells you how to open it.

I would say foolproof.

What we open no more? or not? – Abrámoslo.

– Now, come on.

If everyone has already seen.

You do not go to fall.

Look, and it is noteworthy that the material is pretty decent.

because I have seen other phones that come in a kind of alusa.

This is Apple, it's quality.

Note that this new iPhone is in two new colors.

It makes me laugh that part.

Two new colors.

They took the Space Gray and now we have this new Black Matte.

Black Matte.

So is called.

And also, on the other hand, we have the Jet Black.

– that's the one you like.

– That's the one I love me.

Which it is shiny black, but.

It is very sophisticated.

As you look at it and scratched.

Here is the Matte Black, 32Gb.

the base line of these new iPhone.

Of course, because the top end would be talking about the 7 Plus.

That's the one that brings two cameras and it is something more sophisticated.

that we will soon have on the channel.

– But obvious.

– Obviously.

Well, they're seeing there on the overhead camera.

what we see in the box at first.

It is the design of the iPhone, behind.


That is the great novelty of the new iPhone.

because ahead.

They are all the same.

Well, it has a nice relief.

No, I find it pretty.

You like? Touch it, touch it.

Quite nice.

For hereinafter "iPhone".

Apple, "iPhone", Apple.

Notably they changed typography.

If it appears it's like a.

Let's open it! And what's the first thing we're going to find? I guess.

I guess with the cell, as in all cases.

You who are a frequent user of iPhone, How you were just you opened the box? With the cellphone.

Now we have this permission.

"Designed by Apple in California.

" Osea, is designed in California.

Of course, and Apple.

Well, what have we here? Typical.

I like, I like, it's like a card.

Of course, the basic instructions.


The thing to get the Chip.

Of course, this.


for you do not know.

this is the key one enters the small hole.

and you can stick your Sim.



Well, here in Chile we say you.

"Shih" – Typical.

– Instructional shit that nobody reads.

And of course, nobody paste stickers, or stick some in your car.

Like you.

Yes Yes.

I must say.

Well, here we have the iPhone 7 in its splendor.

What I like is to have that tab.

to lift it.

But, as we will review.

we will now review, quiet.

Let's see what else is in the box.

Hey Hey hey.

this looks.

I at least had not seen.

Is matte charger.

– Before he was brilliant.

– No no.

If you notice, you have a protection.

I am well idiot.

It has a protection that one can take the.

Bitch, but it would be nice in that color.

If true.

Of course, because the plastic is matte has.

Sure, but the charger is the same old shit.

This is a novelty.

What have we here? On the back.

First we have the classic headphones.

What we have different here is that no longer comes in plastic box.

Clear! You are right.

I remember that before you came in a box with a.

transparent on one side and white on the other.

Exactly, not now.

They are backing itself cutting costs they are recycled.

So now they come in a cardboard thing.

Good quality cardboard in any case, please look.

No, if it's a pretty decent board.

And on the other hand we have the adapter.

Of course, adapter, but Why? Because now the iPhone 7 comes.

Everyone knows that.

What a dump bigger! And then let's talk about it.

Well, we are in.

– Charger.

– USB cable.

The USB cable is assembled into the stream.

The classic.

Which all have in your fucking house.

And nothing more.

There is nothing else in the box.

Already, get her out! Let's take back plastic.

Well, here we have the new iPhone 7 behind is what most stands out.

What we are in first place in the back? Apple's classic logo.

Of course, now in black.

a very dark black.

Whole design is quite dark.

Well, here we can compare with the previous colors.

That's the Space Gray.

Look, another thing I noticed is that no longer brings those lines.


Which are the antennas, I have understood.

Of course, exactly.

it comes with antennas.

But it brings more camouflaged.

It brings them around the edges.

Of course, by the sides.

What I like is that no longer bring these logos damn.

we are in all household appliances.

As you can see, that no longer brings it.

Camera, much bigger, as you can see.


no longer has the chrome ring, the metal ring, but is like a relief.

What have the side? Well, from the sides.

Let's see here, what do we have? Button On / Off.

it has always been.

Sim Card o.

entry "Shih".

What we have on the other side? The classic volume control.

More volume, less.

And the mute button, which is a nice color.

maybe it's different or more contrasts with the black, but it looks very good.

Under? Speaker and microphone and.

And something that I miss.

The hole for the.


5mm Mini Jack, Mini Plug, or whatever you want to call.

He went to heaven.

Mini Jack Soars.




] Friend, I have a question.

I love to watch videos on YouTube.

I love listening to music when I'm at home.

but it's usually when I arrive.

Get home from work.

I do not have work.

and the phone is already downloaded.

Then I have to connect.

What do I do if I want to connect to the stream at the same time I want to listen to music? In this beautiful iPhone in July.

You are screwed.

You will not be able to do that.

Unless, now that I think.

You can buy wireless headphones that will sell at some point.

I think at least 150,000 CLP.

So get your hands in his pocket if you want to listen to music and charge at the same time.

What we are in the front? With the screen.

There is nothing else.

Well, up.

There was nothing up.

The speaker for calls, and the classic front camera.

It does not matter.

It is equal to what we have acostrumbrados with terminals S and.

bone, 6 and 6s.

Of course, what you have now is a stereo speaker.

If you're watching a video so.

it sounds sounds over here and over here.

But wait a minute.

Here's a novelty.

The Home button is no longer physical.

No longer.

It can not be anymore.

To tight.

It is no longer pressed.

When pressed, there is a vibration that makes you feel the feeling.

you're facing a physical button.

That is what we have used Samsung.

And that's what we want to try.

And let's try now.

Come on.

What do we find? Apple.

The classic.



Spanish, we proceed with the language.



"Puta la wea, wea wn" "Fome la wea" Wi-Fi network.

We do not have.

Another day.

We are waiting for the iPhone is activated.

And then.

He finished set.


The process is very tedious indeed cut it for that reason.

I want to see how it is.

I'm sure it will be the same as above.

And that we still have to configure the button and everything.

Oh no.


Did you set it up? If I set it.

Hey Siri.

Hey Siri.

Hey Siri.

Siri Hey, how's the weather today? Siri was set there.


There is.

"Meet the new start button".

Lord Jesus! Oh! – Looks like apretaras a button.

– A's see.

I can do it? Oh my God! Is incredible.

You have to live it.

We have to live it! Can not be! I thought vibrated.

This is like the intensity with which you.

And you can keep doing? Oh, man! Is incredible.

I do not know if I cave, but this surprised me.

"3" is the strongest, "1" is super weak.

and "2" is like.

"2" would leave me.

as would a real button.

Choose a view.

"You are welcome".

At last! Note that this is waterproof.

You're right! I had forgotten that.

Here is the 6S, which is the previous version of the iPhone.

and this is the new, 7.

I find that the colors look most beautiful at 7.

What do you say? Perhaps blacks.

I dont know.

Or is it the same crap? It's the same shit, no kidding.

It's the same shit.

What do you think, man? I think.

I think the jodieron to remove the Jack.

but I think the device is very nice.


Long time did not.

They did not take this color, a color really dark.

For me personally I really like this color.

In my opinion, Jack.


I think things should be universal.

Finally hearing aids.

I can buy the headphones I want.

And I connect my iPhone, which incidentally have excellent sound quality.

but now they want to start with the lightning, that while the adapter brings.

just uncomfortable walk with the adapter everywhere.

What if you want.

I do not know, it was like the power adapter at home and want to put music at a party? Jodiste.

You fucked! But is pretty.

The phone is pretty good I just am used with Apple to design, that's all beautiful.

and softwares are very good, because I have a Mac.

As always, accustomed to quality.

handling and what is the interface.

But, as you say.

I find it to be something.

such a big generational leap between 6S and 7.

And it is what is happening to iPhone while that between the two is not much variety.


In conclusion, what is your note? Objectively.

Adding up design.

It's just.


if there had been any iPhone before.

– Time is running out.


if I had not been any iPhone before.

– Ah! Yes, it would be wonderful.

It is a 7.

0 Ah !, something we did not say, exquisite camera.

The cell itself is a great note.

but that is not necessary evolution from the previous.

You're right.

But the cell itself is a very good phone.

If, excellent cell.


you have to consider what to.


Lo Jack.

Not all.

That does not change almost nothing.

So? 9.


A 9.

0? It is that the phone itself is very good.

I'm going to put a 8.

5 scale poque I want to leave for something that astonishes me.

And that's it.

That is all.

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