iPhone 5S:Should you buy In 2017 ?(Review)

iPhone 5S:Should you buy In 2017 ?(Review)

welcome guys so 2016 and the beautifulyear for us a lot of great phones but let's get to the point with all thesegreat phones is it still worth it to buy the two year old iphone 5s so I guess we'll find out in this videostay tuned okay so the main reason to look intothis topic is the great price drop from 50,000Rs (700$) straight down with 20,000rs (150$)whichis a great price drop of 30,000 and the drop are same in US and other countriesas well so let's look into the phone, so on the back we have brushed metal finish on the backwith the Apple branding logo you're going to love it if you're comingfrom a plastic phone on the phone we have four inch screen which is pushingup to 326 ppi and we also have the home button which is also thefingerprint sensor that is the touch id we have volume rocker on the left side of the phone andthe power button on the top we have the speakers on the bottom with that type CUSB for charging and we also have the 3.

5mm audiojack the phone is very handy and willperfectly fit into your one hand that's the design of the phone is greatlet's get into the performance it is powered by the apple A7 clocked atdual-core 1.

3 ghz and we have 1gb ram allthough the numbers are not that great butthe thing is processor doesn't matter processing does and the phone does pretty awesome multitasking on the phone is as great as iphone 6s and it's very fewand and this does a great at multitasking we all know that iphone(ios) runs games at60fps and the gaming performance is great although a bigger screen will be morefun but playing on sixty frames per second is better than playing on a bigger screen something we need the most on our phone is the camera and we have a great camera on the iPhone 5s it's an 8 megapixel rear camerawhich has great low-light performance and greater speed great color – dualtone flash which makesthe picture look more realistic on the recording side we can shoot videos in1080p at 30fps and 720p at 120fps and we got also have the slow motion where the camerashoots the video in 120fps and then slows it down to 30fps to get that great slow mo effect the front camera is two megapixelwhich is bad for some of you but believe me it takes pretty snappy pics pretty snappy selfie so it's going towork with instagram and snapchat which is going to be created for you andthat he have talked about the good it's time to talk about the bad the phone has some problems minorproblems i would like to discuss it has a very small screen other all of us areused to big screen that is 5 inch and 4.

4 screen can be a problem if you'recoming from a five inch device you might find it difficult to read smalltexts or type on the small keypad and gaming as well as we talked before butanyways it is a matter of a week to get used to this and I don't think that it would be anyproblem after that , the speaker placement on the phone is not that greatif you are playing some game or watching radio in landscape mode it is very often you might block thespeaker on the bottom the speaker on the left echo's the sound tothe right if you accidentally block then you can totally mute the sound whenyou're using the speaker let's talk about the battery life wehave a 1650mah battery which is great lasts whole day normal uses again the battery is not bad but not that good – it doesn't awesomestandby time you can leave your phone at hundred person in the night and again inthe morning it will be 98 that is a great shine part time it's avery simple conclusion if you can if you have all that money takes to buy theiphone success i still think you should go for the iphone 6s I would I don't think iphone 6 is thatof an upgrade if you're upgrading to iphone 6s is much better but if you wantto save some money than iphone 5 is a better choice because you get a lot ofspace that won't be out there and you'll get update for the iphone 5s till I cansee I can see it getting updates till 2018 which is two more iphones and thephone is very handy and if you are if you can live with the small screen andthis is the phone for you guys thank you for watching the video if youhave any queries I'll be down in the comment section should check my othervideos and subscribe to the channel thank you guys SUBSCRIBE.

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