Huawei P10 Lite VS Samsung J7 Prime | Enfrentamiento | Review | Unboxing

Huawei P10 Lite VS Samsung J7 Prime | Enfrentamiento | Review | Unboxing

Hello friends, I hope you are fine, for today I have them clash between 2 devices that are very hand on each of their companies respectively by Samsung we have the Galaxy prime J7 and by Huawei have the p10 lite, I hope will be a showdown to your liking.

So let's start DESIGN In this section the Samsung Galaxy Prime J7 still a fairly compact Smartphone in hand gives a fairly positive feelings, is a terminal that is comfortable to wear, has a thickness not exceeding nor is reduced, in fact we find dimensions 151.

7 x 75 x 8 mm.

It has a classic design, has not changed greatly with its predecessors, is a design almost carbon copy, hopefully It will not happen with this device in the future, it is currently one of the devices most famous signature Samsung.

In this section we Huawei p10 lite rounded with fine edges and sleek design make it a team pretty ergonomic.

Its exact measurements are 146.

5 x 72 x 7.

2 mm and weighs 142 grams.

Huawei P10 Lite is clearly a natural evolution of P9 Lite, it adapts to the times current in terms of specifications of a medium-high range (more RAM, more storage, a current.

) software, but gives the feeling that in some way has shown little progress or none.

It has a new construction method cut diamond has brought as his older brothers.

Something that will give greater resistance.

Speaking of manufacturing materials j7 is a prime terminal built based metal, gives a very good resistance, a nice touch and greatly improved compared to its predecessors the Samsung J7 2016 and 2015, this is a unibidy terminal, ie you can not remove your battery The Huawei p10 is constructed of metal, and gives an excellent resistance stringency suitable current requirements for a mid-range The Samsung J7 prime CUSTOMIZING initially went to market exclusively in 3 colors, black white, gold and although for me it seems most striking his golden hue.

The p10 lite bike today will find it in shades such as gold, white, black, and there are a number of rumors which say coming out in a metallic blue tone.

These are very few shades, but is believed to soon will come in other colors BOTONERA J7 have to prime the right and left lateral physical buttons, plus possess a fingerprint reader that is basic, not the best but neither sensor becomes the worst in this section in p10 lite we with a detail that makes it slightly changed compared to the standard version and Plus, It is that in their case the fingerprint reader located on the rear.

Your brothers wear it on the start button, it is a very good sensor is in a position not as appropriate but eventually you get used to the other buttons are on the sides.

The prime RAM j7 found RAM 3GB.

The p10 lite has a RAM 4 GB, thanks to this phone is perfect for day to day and offers performance usually fast and powerful enough STORAGE J7 for prime single version comes in 16GB storage expandable memory Expansion of up to 256GB in this part is important to note that this terminal is 2 references one in which has dual sim card, LED flash and another in which we can find dual sim card, but in this version the front flash is removed to change LED for notifications.

Around this section we lite P10 with 32GB of internal memory which is more than adequate, and can further be extended by microSD card up to 256GB.

It is a dual SIM phone, carrying two card slot elder brother.

However, the second slot is a hybrid slot, this means that we can used to have a double cell sim card or memory expansion via this slot.

PROCESSOR The Samsung J7 prime features Exynos 7870 Octa Processor octa-core runs 1.

6 GHz and a GPU Mali-T830MP2, a very good processor which has improved takes its earlier versions, goes fluently, graphics and games do not have no problem, but compared to his opponent it does not have much to do, the difference is noticeable, although it remains well below its rival The P10 Lite is powered by an octa-core Kirin 64bit more exactly the HISILICON Kirin 655 that runs 2.

1GHz, also has a GPU Mali-T830MP2.

this processor octa-core Kirin 655 is identical to the P9 Lite as the core.

Even games more sophisticated work seamlessly in the Huawei P10 Lite.

As for reality virtual, this P10 Lite remains aloof.

This is not only the performance of the processor, but the screen resolution is too low for the actual dive in virtual reality.

BATTERY J7 for samsung prime we find a battery of 3,300 mAh capacity, a continuous and "normal" use can reach 11-12 hours.

Being demanding the considerably lower figure, this autonomy is achieved through the processor having, that helps a lot to have an extra battery duration.

P10 Lite battery can not be replaced because it is a unibody terminal.

even those Fans who want to do their own hands will find it difficult to reach the battery without damaging the glass.

3000 mAh capacity is absolutely sufficient and makes P10 Lite finished the day without problems, even two days using the stand-by mode.

SOFTWARE For its part, Samsung has with prime J7 factory direct Andrioid 6.


1 Marshmallow, with upgrade to Android 7.

0 but with the aspect that brings Samsung personalization layer, how much a box of applications, characteristic of this company.

In the P10 Huawei Android Lite found Nougat 7.

0, which is a fairly recent version of the operating system, in combination with Manufacturer layer EMUI 5.


In short, the P10 has the same software Lite the original P10.

SCREEN Samsung J7 in the prime we find a PLANEL LCD 5.

5 inch with resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080), a screen that gives a good feeling, although the brightness and some shadows are negative on this screen, I regret that Samsung in this team finds the paner AMOLED removed, because with this panel may have seen better tone colors and shades.

The P10 Lite offers a screen slightly larger than the original P10.

Specifically we talk about 5.

2 inches.

The resolution both terminals is Full HD, that is, 1080 x 1920 pixels, which results in a pixel density of 424 ppi per inch, which is more than enough.

The screen shown very sharp with more colors tend to cold to warm tones, but this affects the temperature setting default color.

As soon as the image stability, the IPS panel does a good job, except for a slight gray veil that can be seen on the screen.

CAMERAS In terms of camera the Samsung J7 prime we have a main sensor of 13 megapixels, which does not present a new significant with its predecessor J7 2016, it is practical and functional, it's a great camera, one of the best mid-range and a front sensor 8 megapixel focal aperture 1.


In the P10 Lite will not find some of effects that are present in other models P10.

In the rear sensor have 12MP sensor and its front have one of 8MP.

Its image quality is quite good, It delivers sharp images and natural colors.

However, in automatic mode, sins of some exaggerated colors and blurs the details.

The only noise becomes a real problem when the light decreases significantly.

Overall performance P10 Camera Lite is not enough to rub shoulders with other upper chambers market, but for its price range it is pretty good PRICE The cost of these 2 spectacular terminals is as follows: For Samsung J7 is prime = 968,900 pesos col = 6,268 pesos dollars mex = 327 = 299 Euros P10 lite Huawei is al = 950.

000 = 6.

155 weights weights mex = 320 = 293 dollars Euros worth mentioning that prices are in my country Colombia, and they may vary depending on where you buy it and obviously the country.

DIFFERENCES Huawei P10 Lite beats Samsung J7 prime in: Design, RAM, storage, processor, screen, camera and price Meanwhile the Samsung J7 prime widely wins the Huawei lite p10 in the following areas: battery, software On aspects that are tied: Materials Manufacturing, personalization, botonera WINNER !!! Given the characteristics of this confrontation I thought I'd be a little more hard-fought, but I take a very pleasant surprise, it is found that the new terminal p10 lite, is superior in most if not all aspects regarding your opponent J7 prime, the Huawei brand demonstrates how you can build a terminal in terms Performance is adequate and at a very good price.

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