Feiyu Vimble C – Gimbal for Smartphones & GoPro – Review

Feiyu Vimble C – Gimbal for Smartphones & GoPro – Review

Hi everyone!Today I am testing the new Feiyu Vimble C gimbal for smartphones and action camera! Notice how smooth the video is,when mounted on Feiyu Vimble C Currently I'm using an iPhoneand Feiyu ON App which has a pretty cool feature I now placed Feiyu Vimble C on a tripod and activated face tracking.

So when I start moving, the gimbal automatically follows me.

But now let's take a look at setup and features.

Let me take it out of the box.

actually the gimbal is pretty big.

I expected it to be a bit smaller, but that way it's very convenient to hold.

To mount your phone simply clamp it into the adapter.

On the front is the power button which also acts as a Bluetooth shutter.

When you press it short you cantake a photo, press it long to take a video.

Above is a joystick to control the head.

On the side there is a microUSB port to charge the built-in battery.

On the back is the mode and function button integrated into zoom lever.

that works when using the Feiyu App.

If your phone is off balance release the knob ring at the back.

Slide the arm, and fix the knob again.

You can shoot in landscape mode and portrait mode.

Simply tilt the grip to the side, press the button on the back and Feiyu Vimble goes into portrait mode.

Here's some demo footage.

Now let's take a look how it works withan Action Camera.

Included in the package are two foam pieces, which you have to put on top and bottomto hold the action camera.

Now here's the first downside: In case of my GoPro Hero 5 black it covers the record button on the top of the camera.

There's also a second downside: The pan axis rotates 320 degrees, but that's 160 degrees on each side! That means you can't use it with the cam facing forward and the joystick facing you.

You need to to turn the gimbal for that.

Now let's take a look at some demo footage, recorded with my GoPro Hero 5 black The advantage of Feiyu Vimble C is definitely its versatility.

You can use it for smartphones and action cameras! You can easily switch between those devices.

Another highlight is of course the price: for about 130 US dollars it's probably one of the cheapest gimbals available.

A competitor in the price range is definitely Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal which offers 360 degree rotation on the pan axis and it's additionally splash proof.

I'll be getting my Zhiyun Smooth Q soon, so subscribe to my channel that you don't miss my review on that gimbal.

Thanks for watching and see you soon!.

Source: Youtube