Evutec Ballistic Nylon Case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Evutec Ballistic Nylon Case for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

hi guys tech zilla back again ive got a review this time of something a lot people requested this the evutec ballistic nylon case forthe Samsung Galaxy s7 edge i'll quickly show you the packaging I've had to take the screenprotector off the glass one and because this case lifts it up so I'll just let youguys know that and ive got the grey ballistic nylon here it does come inother colors i think theyve got blue black and in other colors you can check themout on amazon i'm in the UK so it's quite hard for me to get hold of this but i managed to get it from amazon.

Com drop protection exceeds military standardsthe back of the box quickly ergonomic fit scratch-resistant absorbent dispersedshock and impact no signal interference extra durability three pieces fused intoone layer of protection embedded tactile material for real feel TPU edges andergonomic design provide form-fitted grip and I've check out my i'll leave alink to the evutec carbon fiber case that reviewed up in the video theresomewhere to check out now on to the case itself the inside of the casethat's the evutec logo running throughout it protected by technology each one's got serial number on it soprinted in nice feel on the back evutec evolutionary technology therebeautiful made case this is a really nice case the sides are all tpu so what im going to do is slap the phone in it real quick phone goes in straight forward no issues perfect fit no issue at all nice snug fit right amount of tightnessbeautiful there's the evutec logo there thats slightlyraised and the camera cutout nice and large not issues with photographs or the flash that's a matte plastic or TPU lining onthe inside and its slightly raised above the actual very slightly above the ballisticnylon as is the logo there so when you put it on its back its actually touching the logo and thecamera cutout as apposed to the ballistic nylon there's the volume rocker on the sideim going to try and get this in focus guys there you are up and down volume rocker youve got your noise-cancelling mic cutout at the top see it there nicely done your power button again with the powerlogo on there and at the bottom you've got a nice cutout there for your headphonesUSB charging port mic and speaker and this is a soft TPU feels beautiful in thehand beautiful really nice feel buttons are very very tactile on this i wont show what notifications ive got because i dont want to blow anyone up there and buttons no issues at all perfect feedback on the buttons perfect lay on the table design i'll show you that guys if i can get into focus there you go plenty of it on the top and bottom if you look at that loads of lay on the table design so no issue at all there and edgefunctionality it comes up quite far on the edge of the screen and it goesbeyond the metal frame but there's no issue with the edge functionality at allwhile i've been using it and another thing thats unusual the back is actually rounded on the casecan see that see that guys there its actually rounded that way and slightly that wayto the back here slightly bulges out what actually makes the phone feel morecomfortable in hand because its more rounded like HTC 10 and it feels beautiful it sitsnicer in my hand because i have big hands and holding the s7 edge is very difficultsometimes because of how thin it is but this is rounded and it goesnice in the palm of my hand and this is the same sort of ballistic nylon they use on the droid turbo 2 and which i had that phone as well sold it recently and it's a kind of they call itbulletproof technology and stuff like that obviously this isn't gonna be abulletproof case guys let's be realistic and its got a really nice textureto it and it doesn't get its not going to get stained very easily because its nylon ballistic nylon its not like cotton or anything like that but italmost feels like tweed fabric if that makes sense and i highly recommendthis case its around about thirty dollars i think twenty five to thirty dollarsyou can check out Evutecs website but if you're not in the US they don't deliveroutside of the US so you have to go to amazon.

Com or ebay i ordered it fromamazon.

Com and purchased it from there they have all the colors available one thing i do need say wireless chargingdoes work with this case on even though it's thick fairly thick and it does slowdown the wireless charging a little bit so it wont charge as quick with thewireless charger but and you have to position it right but once you do itwill charge fine so overnight charging no issue and i forgot to mention thebottom lip there's a nice cut out there see thatguys that's so when you're using the fingerprint sensor or the home button it'snot in the way it fits perfectly beautiful anyway guys hit that subscribebutton ive got loads more views coming up ive got note 7 cases galore ive got the Bose soundsport wirelessearphones which i'll be reviewing ive done the QC35 as well ive got the soundsport earphone case which i had to buy separately which charges theseheadphones i'll review that as well and ive got so many reviews guys definitelyhit that subscribe button give me a thumbs up if you liked thevideo if you didn't thumbs down but let me know why anyway guys take care and I'll see youagain soon bye for now.

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