$100 Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone Review and Unboxing – Fake Galaxy S8

$100 Samsung Galaxy S8 Clone Review and Unboxing – Fake Galaxy S8

Hey guys with me at the brand new galaxy s8 which I got only for a hundred dollars $100 fake galaxy S8 from China and in this video we'll see how functional are practical this 100 dollar phone actually all right so according to the boss this one is 64 gb and if we look at the back it is 4G LTE with 64gb octa-core processor 4gb of ram a geo pixels home like a pixel camera ip68 water and dust-resistant so that's interesting we also have wireless charging 64gb of memory and yeah so thus let's look pretty good four hundred dollars but let's open it up and see our a she performs so doing a quick unboxing he asleep on a stone let's take it out of the plastic and here is the galaxy s 8 now this model is a bit different than the actual galaxy s a tar sands themselves and that's because I ordered this thing about two months ago when the s8 wasn't even released so all this was based on rumors but now since the phone is released they have changed the comb so if you order them now the design will be different but that doesn't mean this video isn't valid anymore since the inside hardware's would still be the same just wear the new design but yeah here's the phone the screen is regular size is not infinity display and if you do order the clone now you will get infinity display but the actual screen size is still the same just because the clone manufacture is one able to imply the infinity display technology but that might change later in the future and if it does I'll make sure to keep you guys updated so if you want to stay updated make sure you subscribe if you haven't already so has of now if you do order cool you will get infinity display but it will have black borders on the top and the bottom which kind of looks weird to be honest but yeah let's look at the back we have two dual cameras but i'm going to guess one of them is just a dummy camera we also have a flash right next to it and going back to the front we have a camera in the front as well where there are speaker grills and some sensors we also have a screen protector in the front and we have some beautiful stickers in the back so if you are wondering why these stickers are here a lot of people actually don't know the reason behind it this phone is a cone which kind of makes it in legal and these stickers are just used to cover up the logos and everything so it's more likely that this one will pass through customs without any problems and that's the only reason behind the stickers so I'll take them all and here is the phone holding the phone in hand it is quite heavy in fact it's heavier than my iphone 7 plus but anyways we have a full metal body the back is pretty cheap as you can tell and it's cracked a lot of fingerprints the home button itself is also very bigly kind of just moved around and fix a lot of noises and this is an easy giveaway for bad quality but anyways we have a volume rockers on the left and our power button on the right but yeah let's part with this phone on and see how it performs here it is the official galaxy s 8 clone thomas weis is actually working pretty good I didn't really see a lot of lag it's working fine and let's go into settings I'm going to connect it to Wi-Fi and we'll browse some internet will try to play some videos and see how that goes alright so it's just connected to Wi-Fi and let's open up YouTube and see how that performs so load times we're actually pretty good i loaded pretty instant i'm going to close it out and i'm going to reopen it actually so it does take a bit to open up the application but once the application is actually launched it's quite fast all right so I'm going to try to play some videos and see how that goes all right so I'm not sure if you guys are able to tell but the sound is very muffled the speakers are definitely not good at all and they aren't really loud easier also not sure if you guys noticed but look at the side bezels the side vessels are huge and I definitely don't like that also if you didn't notice this is an edge model so if you look at the size they are curved but if you look really carefully you'll realize the glass is the only thing that's curved screen inside is just glad but overall screen resolution is now bad it's probably the same if not better than the iphone 7 Connecticut months ago but anyways I'm interested in looking at the actual specs of this phone because for most part deus ex you see on the box and usually the spec to see in settings are all scooped so we'll see how what the actual specs of this phone are so if we go into info we'll see it's running on Android 6.

0 and has a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 p our rear camera is 4.

9 megapixel so it's not called megapixel has advertised on the bottom anyways we have a total ram of 9 61 mb which is pretty bad crystal storage is only two gb and the system is 32-bit our first facing camera is also 449 megapixels so we have the same quality camera in the front and in the back so yeah if you do end up buying a clone just be a very districts or never was advertised for most part they do end up lying about the specs i'm also very curious to try out the fingerprint scanner i'm not sure if it works but we'll give it a try Oh going to fingerprint is your finger on the home key let's stay at all times and routine I so it doesn't think you do anything so yeah it doesn't look like the fingerprint scanner does work but it does have the edge features which is kind of weird because it's not an edge display but they do have that features built-in so yeah overall this phone isn't really bad I want to try some games and see how it performs in the gaming category the starter download subway surfer and we'll see how that goes I would like to try some heavy games on here but because of the limited storage I won't be able to download any heavy teams but until the game is downloading I'm gonna leave that and we'll see what else we have in the box alright so behind this cardboard we have our charging wires along with that we have some cheap earbuds and we have our power doctor this thing is very cheap I can just feel it and I can tell how cheap it is like it's really lightweight and it's probably not gonna last you a long time alright so subway surfers just got installed and we'll try to open it up and see how that goes so the screen resolution is actually not bad colors are good it's not a bad form four hundred dollars really but we'll see how it performs doing daily stuff for light stuff it shouldn't be bad but if you are a heavy user this might not be for you I actually really like the colors on this phone its way better than the iphone 7 close-up tested previously but yeah let's try to play the game and see how that goes so a game like subway surfer is actually wearing pretty smooth on here I'm seeing no lag at all the game is working fine everything is smooth so yeah that's actually pretty good for a hundred-dollar phone I am actually impressed and it's actually the first time I'm playing games on a hundred-dollar corner I did test it out some iphone close but I wasn't able to download any applications on them for some reason but for this phone as it is wow it works good I'm actually really surprised how smooth the game is working because this phone actually has really low specs well that is pretty impressive all right let's go back and also want to try out the camera application and well we did find out that it's a 4.

9 megapixel camera but we'll see how it performs in real life I'm going to take a picture to all right so overall camera quality isn't bad but I'm going to take the phone outside and you'll be able to see real life footage and here the microphone quality of this phone alright guys so the footage and the audio you're hearing right now is from the galaxy as eight clone overall quality wise it's a five megapixel camera so nothing close to the real thing and it's pretty bright outside so I can't really see a lot on the screen so I'll have to go back to my computer to actually see how good or bad the camera actually is but I'm gonna try to focus on this thing and see how that does all right so I'm gonna focus on the back I'm gonna focus on the front once again so yeah overall camera quality should be decent it's not going to be really good but it should be decent alright guys it was a pain transferring all those ridges on to my mind for some reason the phone wasn't connecting to my computer and I wasn't able to email the files because they were too large but anyways overall image quality is in very sharp and the colors are just a bit neutral and here are some pictures I've taken from this phone overall I am impressed the screen resolution and the performance is actually better than the iphone closed up testing and if you want something like this for basic web browsing wings of light games it should be able to do that fairly well but keep in mind the thing is Bill cheap so how well is it put together I can really say lifetime of the phone could be months or years you never know and if things do go wrong you'll be by yourself since you won't be covered by any warranties but overall it is built cheap like if I shake the phone I can hear stuff moving inside I'll give it a try not sure if you guys can hear that buddy so I'm not sure if you guys could hear that but if I actually shake the phone I can hear stop moving inside and I was actually very interested to open up the phone and see what's inside here but there are no proper schools to let me inside the phone and I don't want to break the phone just to get inside you but overall four hundred dollars it's not bad depending on how you want to use it and yeah guys that was it for today let me know what you think about this coin in a comment below and if you haven't already subscribed consider subscribing for more content and as always thanks for watching! (MUSIC) (MUSIC).

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